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    Pool service Murrieta area?

    yes that’s why I fired the last two I can work from home whenever I want if need be and I sat and watche my pool guy walk into my backyard two weeks in a row and stare at my pool for 2mins then leave and place my bill in the mailbox.
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    not everything about the election sucked.......

    Love some gorilla glue and sour diesel but my all time favorite is just the classic Tahoe OG! (Pretty sure Tahoe is what gorilla and sour come from but not sure) The Tahoe I have now is 27% that’s pretty good for a indica I’ve seen some dipped and rolled jeeters and other pre rollers as high as...
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    Pool service Murrieta area?

    Wish I could help I fired both the Temecula pool guys I hired 7yrs ago and just do it myself! It’s really not that hard and kinda a relaxing thing to do every Friday afternoon. Mow lawn, clean pool, drink beer, eat dinner!
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    So Cal Day Trippin'.. Whats open..

    Temecula is closed! I swear we’re going to become the next parker as far as congestion! Moved her 10yrs ago and all I see is people leaving the OC and and LA and snatching up houses for mostly cash from the sale of their old houses. Im also afraid we’re going to end up like Austin and turn blue!
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    Supercross 2021

    Dianna Dahlgren worked out at EOS fitness for awhile in Murrieta! Not a bad site to see during your morning workout.
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    Rasor Rd

    Yeah I’ve been through on our oold annual Yucaipa to Primm dualsport ride. I’ve never camped but a friend has he just went to the 1st kiosk and parked. Is that not a good spot?
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    Car wash in OC for lifted trucks

    Right where it’s parked here you go!
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    RV Parked Next To My House!!

    It was a few years ago and I didn’t have any problems 15th and olive downtown.
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    RV Parked Next To My House!!

    yes and you can call after three days and extend it but not sure how many extensions they allow but the lady I talked to made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal I know in the apartments next to me over the holidays they had a toyhauler dropped and plugged in for over a week with no issues.
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    The Villages at Stonebridge - Bullhead City's Newest Home Development

    Pickle ball is like ping pong but on a small tennis court. It’s really popular with seniors and now catching on with the younger crowed. In Temecula they have a couple leagues and it’s got all ages. You use a big paddle with no string like ping pong and a ball similar to a wiffle ball.
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    CA camping options near Santa Barbara/Ventura/LA

    We’ve done wine country rv in Paso Robles for the mid state fair it’s a nice clean park and has a winery you can walk to. It had a couple pools one adult only spa and nice amenities. We’re planning on doing that again when/if the fair ever happens again and they open the water park right next door.
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    RV Parked Next To My House!!

    I know in Huntington Beach if you call ahead you can drop a trailer on the street if you give them your address for up to a week if a remember correctly. I had to do it with my toyhauler a few years back.
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    Not a call out thread at all and I will definitely be making a call to all that reached out! I’m not a follow the link kind of guy I like the more personal style of communication. Thanks again RDP.
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    Anyone else have a crotch sniffing dog?

    My dogs problem is sniffing other dogs asses and farting!!!
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    Like is said before I’ve reached out to the above from other posts and never heard back. I want someone I can trust and will follow through. If nobody reaches out to me I’ll just assume they are to busy and go with my current lender. I was just trying to keep it a RDP thing even though I’m not...
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    So I’m in Temecula and looking to refi who’s the guy!?! I’ve asked this before in someone else’s thread and didn’t get any calls or responses if nobody gets back to me I’ll just go through quicken loans who I’m currently with.
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    Predictions for 2021

    I will be on the river a lot more this year and my kids will learn to ski and wakeboard for the 1st time! I told them at the end of last season the ski trainer is done and they’re ready to step up! They’re excited!!
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    What is open in Temecula

    From what I hear see EAT is kinda not a fan of most of the ideals I see on RDP OBC is and I will support them in the future but honestly OBC is a little over priced for what you get. not trying to stir the pot but Temecula has a few good choices at better price points. Either way I fully...
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    What is open in Temecula

    Sakura sushi is open for dine in we just had dinner there Monday night. Get the dragon egg appetizer.
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    Do you ever get your order correct restaurants?

    McDonalds by my house always and I mean always fucks up my order!! We have three del tacos about the same distance from our house and I only go to the one on Ynez because they always get it right the other two always mess it up.