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    28 American Offshore Deckboat - Sunday Funday Review - Demo

    Conquest splashed and American 20 plus years ago, and made a deck boat. Right on the heels of the 28' Sea Master Silhouette. I didn't read every page, new or not, it's not.
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    New Trailer build. KoKopelli Trailer Co. Phoenix, Az.

    I had the displeasure of backing one of their trailers into my yard. It had a bass boat on it, 19'. What a PIA, ZERO tongue weight, I had to push it down to get it on the ball. And yes, it was brand spanking new, tandem at that. I wish Randall still built trailers.
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    ever use a roller?

    Gel coat has a distinct smell when it's kicked off, almost a cooked smell. You should be able to smell it 30-40- feet away, smells like laminating time. You can put your fingers on it and slide it across with ease, any kind of sticky feeling it isn't ready. You're lucky it didn't just alligator...
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    Yup, raining Cats and Dogs. Every year during the Open, you think they would learn.
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    Remeber shooting this one

    The grey one/
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    Next Nordic build

    Nice, is that spray foam on the walls? Yea I see almost everything.
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    Found boat

    Yea, it's a closed bow. But, I owned molds exactly like the Cole 20SS, and that's a 20 SS bottom, for sure.
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    Next Nordic build

    I forgot who you said there gel coat king was. By the way Larry, my like to post count ratio is killing yours.
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    Next Nordic build

    Vail, sure makes for a lighter skin than the 1.5 mat. I'm going to have to get some for my next builds.
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    Next Nordic build

    Did you tape it and shoot it?
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    Found boat

    Same bottom as the Cole 20' Super Sport, nice hull.
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    Loyalty - employers / employees . What do employees owe - if anything?

    Being laid off would have paid better. Nothing like getting a pay cut and seeing the owner driving a New Escalade, and then a few months later a new Silverado loaded with leather and the 6.2. And then a few months after that a New Crew cab GMC, loaded with the diesel. People with 17 years in...
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    Loyalty - employers / employees . What do employees owe - if anything?

    Loyalty begets loyalty, So true. When the economy started to tank, our pay was cut by 20%, our hours were cut by 50%. You want loyalty, stick it up your ---. If that's how you want to treat people in down times don't expect them to give you 100% in the good times, don't expect them to go...
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    DMV sucks.

    Don't you have any 3rd party DMV stores in Yuma? Plenty of them in the valley, I have one a mile away, in and out in 5 minutes.
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    2015 336 Parker Enduro Divisions!!

    They stroke them and put a spacer between the block and head, just like the ricer drag cars.
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    2015 336 Parker Enduro Divisions!!

    I'll be in 2, talk to you in 8 months.
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    10 Months to the 336 Parker Enduro!! New Beginnings and New Blood UPDATE!

    From what I recall the classes didn't change from 2011 to 2014, maybe some of the "Rules" within the classes changed. I would like to run the 336, and I have a new boat in the mold. I have four power and drive options that will fit the boat, so I need to find a group/class to build the boat for...
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    10 Months to the 336 Parker Enduro!! New Beginnings and New Blood UPDATE!

    I can't seem to find the boat classifications. Some of the saved links from the 2014 race no longer exist, and I've looked on every 336 thread. Are they made up yet or still in the fine tuning stage?
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    Can you check to see if an employee is actually on Jury Duty?

    My wife's coworker was selected for the Jody Arris sentencing hearing. She was ordered to close ALL social media accounts, no contact with the outside world.