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  1. LGETT

    Carpet Stretching

    Looking for a referral to have carpet stretched in Havasu on a Sunday (today). Thx
  2. LGETT

    Who is the Havasu Prop Guy?

    Just damaged my prop (5 blade 30 pitch) pulling out at site 6.......Fahkkkk Looking for a recommendation on a good prop repair guy in Havasu. Also hoping to borrow, rent a prop as I planned to boat on Monday and Wed?? Thx All
  3. LGETT

    Haircut N Havasu

    Ok this Quarantine hair is enough for me, time for a cut.... I have masks, sanitizer, etc your place or mine I cant take it anymore and need a haircut. Anyone cutting hair in Havasu, I know someone's wife, GF, friend is doing garage cuts? Referals please?
  4. LGETT

    Almost Done, Sea Deck Check'd Off

    One of the Final Pieces on my complete update/upgrade project over the last year. Worked with institches and blue seas to lay out and design the concept I wanted to accomplish with floor covering. Great people to work with from my experience.
  5. LGETT

    Put A Top on Her

    Need to replace the Cover/Top on an above ground spa at the house in Havasu. Does anyone have a recommendation on where to go for a new one?
  6. LGETT


    I have a complete SC, the lower is standard length. Has a Teague drive shower. IMCO performed a full rebuild less than 15hrs ago and a tear down inspection by Imco with only 10hrs since. 1:50 ratio 1.25 prop shaft, black in color No issues works perfect just upgrading with new motor...