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  1. Angler

    Does RDP have a preferred house painting contractor?

    Need to have my interior painted, ceilings, walls, baseboards, door trim and 1 vanity painted. I'm in San Dimas. Any leads?
  2. Angler

    New Year's Eve in Havsu

    Is there fireworks in Havasu for New Year? This will be the 1st time there for the Holiday. Anything else going on in Havasu for the New Year?
  3. Angler

    RV self wash in Havasu or Parker?

    Is there a place you can drive in and wash your own RV? I need at 13'6" clearance.
  4. Angler

    Car chase channel 5

  5. Angler

    Buying out a car lease

    I leased a car for my Son when he was in HS. He is headed to the Air Force now, but he wants to keep the car. The car is worth more than the buyout price (including the extra miles), but it has 10k miles over the lease. I don't have to pay for the extra miles if I buy out the lease, correct? I...
  6. Angler

    Affected by natural disaster

    Has anyone else seen this phrase "Affected by natural disaster" added to their credit report? It was attached to a car lease I have, now it's on my home loan report. I was able to have it remove from the car lease already. VW Credit said they just added it to every car loan. WTF! I can see if...
  7. Angler

    Looking for a good place

    To have drinks by London Bridge today. Water view would be best. Meeting Family that has never been to Havasu. Recommendations?
  8. Angler

    RV Camping at Yosemite

    Decided to take the 5th wheel instead of staying in a cabin or hotel. Anyone familiar with the "good" camp areas in/near the park? We are heading out right after Memorial day weekend.
  9. Angler

    Republican Women.

    It's so nice to see this in front of the White House than the Libtard chicks with purple hair, flipping people off.
  10. Angler

    A Hunter Biden smoking crack/sex tape released?

    I won't post the link. It is on gatewaypundit, Top left corner if you must...
  11. Angler

    Commercial vehicle insurance

    I've been with Progressive for 20 years, never filed a claim, this year they doubled my rate. Do we a someone on RDP that does commercial vehicle insurance for Ca?
  12. Angler

    HTM Boat stolen tonight..

    From FB Boat stolen out of Valencia 2 hours ago. K*F']Richard Clarke K*F']Joe Cochrane
  13. Angler

    AC Compressor and fan stopped working

    Both stopped working today, it is a Trane system about 15 years old. Power to and through the relay switch, red and blacks wires are 118v seen in the pic. Any ideas?
  14. Angler

    Wax for a brand new RV

    What would you use a new rig?
  15. Angler

    Free fire hoses 1.5" x 75'

    All of the hoses are gone. Thanks
  16. Angler

    Hey LAM

    Bought a new 5th wheel. https://www.niemeyers.com/product/new-2019-heartland-bighorn-3160-elite-968891-5 It doesn't come with a generator, so I have a question. Trailer is 50amp. I plan on buying (2) 2200 watt gas generators. If I order a generator from the dealer, it would have to be propane...
  17. Angler

    Car chase KTLA 5

  18. Angler

    Sam Elliott pays tribute to SGT Ray Lambert

    It's from 2019. Tells SGT Lambert's story of D Day.
  19. Angler

    5th wheel mover

    If we have a person that can pick up a 5th wheel in Albertville MN 55301 and haul to CA 91773, Please Let me know.