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    Georgia senate race

    So this week alone Biden announced that on his first week in office he's signing a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants and he wants to put a minimum $200 tax on all weapons with more than 10 round magazines. His words not anyone else's. You couldn't have a better campaign...
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    The world celebrates Joe Biden's victory

    Is that a good thing for America that all other countries are celebrating Joe Biden’s victory?
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    LAPD defunding

    Am I hearing this correctly? The city of LA and the police commission and the mayor are going to defund the LAPD by 100 -150 million? This is fucking disgusting. What a bunch of loser liberal shit bags. If I were LEO I would call in sick for the rest of the week. See what happens. I'm...
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    CNN IS promoting the rioting in Minneapolis

    This is disgusting. Watching Don Lemon tonight promoting the burning of the city of Minneapolis. CNN is out of control. Hopefully people are paying attention.
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    Gavin Newsom press conference

    Is anyone else watching this press conference today? So he has 6 indicators that have to be followed and each indicator has 4 stages and the 4 stages have 4 sub stages... my head is frickin spinning. Why the hell do I watch this crap? I thought he was doing a decent job in the very beginning...
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    SXS insurance who do you use.

    Just bought a rzr turbo 4 S and got a quote from state farm for $1150/yr. I have my home insured and another RZR with them and was floored at the price. I'll be using it in lake havasu. It's already plated for the street. Would love to hear who your using. Thanks in advance.
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    Electrical contractors in havasu

    Looking for a referal for a good electrician in lake havasu. Thanks in advance.
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    Havasu loan refi.

    Who's the go to for a loan refi. In havasu? Has anyone here on the boards done one lately? Thanks in advance.
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    Best pool contractor in havasu

    I'm thinking of building a pool here in Havasu in the next month or so and wanted to get some input on who to use. Thanks in advance.
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    Looking for a pontoon

    So I sold my cat and I'm looking for a pontoon. I narrowed my choices down to 25-28 bennington's, playcraft's, and southbay's 2008 or newer. I would prefer I/O but am open minded. If you know of any for sale let me know. I'm looking to buy in the next 3 weeks. I'm going to look at 3 this weekend...
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    2006 rhino 660

    Looking to possibly sell my Rhino. It's got a 4 seat cage, prp seats, 5 point harnesses,black rhino cdi, dual batteries, alpine sterio with 4 61/2's, 10" sub, alpine amp, chrome itp wheels, brand new itp terra cross tires, 2" wheel spacers, very clean, low miles, low hours, never abused, used...
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    Mortgage lender in havasu

    I'm looking around for a lender to refinance my house in lake havasu. Anyone have a good recomendations? I'm not trying to pull money out just looking to get a better rate. Thanks in advance..
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    2002 Lavey Saber cat

    27 saber, 575sci w/ intercooler 675 hp, xr drive rebuilt lower new upper 5hrs. ago, drive shower, external steering, sea strainer, big sterio system, extreme triple axle trailer, xint cond.,run great just serviced. 45,900 obo