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  1. Magic Mike

    Very sad news. Tiny “Zeus” Lister

    Just saw this on the news, horrible... Found by authorities in his home in Marina del Rey, he had been sick with Covid for a week, stopped answering his phone, a friend went to check on him... He was great in “Friday” as “Deebo” and liked him in “Jackie Brown” as “Winston”. Interviews I have...
  2. Magic Mike

    TRUMP projected winner!!!!

    Just saw it on liberal ass msnbc, thank God!!!!!
  3. Magic Mike

    RED LIKE Reagan

  4. Magic Mike

    All time favorite boats: If money was no object, any year/size/brand. Let's see them

    What are your favorite boats? Style, speed, design you name it. Here are 3 of my favorites, I love them all for different reasons... Let's see what you consider the best.
  5. Magic Mike

    Wanted rental this weekend

    Anyone have a place in Parker/Havasu on the water, or real close to it for my wife and I, 2 kids and 2 dogs, this Sat. and Sun. night, Sun. and Mon. night or maybe just Sun? Can leave the dogs home if it's a deal breaker. Thanks
  6. Magic Mike

    Slip rental Oct.-Apr. suggestions?

    My in laws asked me to get them a slip for their 20' pontoon approx. Oct.-April. They have a dock at Arrowhead, I'll tow it there for them. I checked with Havasu marina and Pirates cove, both will work, but I thought you guys might have some alternatives I can mention to them. I appreciate the...
  7. Magic Mike

    2009 Magic Scepter on E-bay in New mex.

    Just a heads up, there is an "09" Magic on Ebay right now at $18,000 no reserve. 6 days left I believe. I've bought and sold a bunch of old cars and trucks on there,occasionally stuff goes cheap, usually not. A lot of people scared to buy a boat on there, might be a sleeper deal?Worth checking...
  8. Magic Mike

    New kid in town...

    Hey everybody, I'm new here and wanted to say hello.. Loved boating my whole life, had a 21 Campbell, 29 Magic and a pontoon. Wife and I used to trailer from L.A. to Moabi/Needles/Havasu for 20 years. Came close to buying a couple river pads but never pulled the trigger. Kids are getting older...