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  1. LGETT

    Carpet Stretching

    Thanks @cofooter
  2. LGETT

    Carpet Stretching

    Cheers Springfield, top of the morning to yah.
  3. LGETT

    Carpet Stretching

    Looking for a referral to have carpet stretched in Havasu on a Sunday (today). Thx
  4. LGETT

    Pontoon.... 100mph

    NOW that your done proving some point...... Back to Lame 100mph beer cans. Seems like 60mph, big cooler, BBQ is more in line with toon bragging 🤔
  5. LGETT

    Havasu house inventory

    Well said.
  6. LGETT

    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    It was blown out pretty good, we decided to fly on top and scooted back. Missed you on the bridge, should have waved the number one at me. Nice to meet you sir
  7. LGETT

    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    Grea Great Video Vic
  8. LGETT

    Towing Report - RAM 6.4L Hemi

    Love Your Post!! Not that I am a diesel hater but my goodness the groupy mentality these days on diesel trucks is stupid. Maintenance Cost, Purchase Cost are outrageous and only are justified if you need the additional tow capacity and/or tow very frequently to justify the economy. Otherwise...
  9. LGETT

    2020 DAMN DAM RUN

    Great Run this year, the turnout was impressive. Wish we could of all fit on the beach, maybe next year a cove float or find a larger beach for lunch and mingle. @Riley thank you for meeting up at the ramp, shirts look great!
  10. LGETT

    Shout out to Iguana Marine.

    No Iguana experience here but hats off for the professionalism and time invested to hand write a follow-up note. A good man always told me "ge the customer something you would spend your own money on and show them some respect"
  11. LGETT

    3 hots and a cot with a loft up top!

    Welcome. Sounds like you must keep busy tending all of those fun toys as a Do it Yourselfer. I can relate
  12. LGETT

    Bad boat accident at mouth of river

    Is this boat owned by the same guy that has the Low Altitude, pull rig looks familiar from his previous Silver Linning. Can't recall his name but always heard good things about him.
  13. LGETT

    remembering that first paycheck.....

    It's not all the hard work or even the taxes that get to me (well maybe the taxes a bit), its the freeloaders that sceme on Gov. assistance programs that our taxes fund. First job was mowing lawns with old lawnmowers I found in people's trash and fixed. Just ran into my first customer 30yrs...
  14. LGETT

    Powell Today

    Great Video Paul.
  15. LGETT

    Extreme vs Adrenaline

    You might consider stopping by Frank's Trailer repair in Havasu. I have used him before and prices are fair. Good Luck
  16. LGETT

    Pool tile cleaning

    Had mine done in Havasu after scrubbing myself and still not happy. They lowered the water line a bit and did a soda blast. Came out excellent. Was through Everclear pool service if your interested.
  17. LGETT

    A Good Samaritan Saves the Day

    Now that my friend is some good simple humor, love it
  18. LGETT

    RDP is Bitchen!

    Post more wife pics for us to enjoy😁 Oh and some boating pics 2
  19. LGETT

    Trailer Reverse Solenoid

    A quick test to see if the solenoid is being energized is to have someone put your vehicle in reverse while holding the brake. Take something metal/steel and touch the solenoid top, it will be magnetized if energized. If it is then solenoid is bypassing and is probably bad. Go see Frank at...
  20. LGETT

    Show your Sunset Photos

    Big Bear at the south side of John Bull this weekend