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  1. Angler

    Newscum Recall petitions psa

    Mod, Sticky this sum bitch till April. :cool:
  2. Angler

    Nothing to See Here-Vaccine

    Dodger stadium is open for any sheep that want the corona shot...
  3. Angler

    Havasu Walmart closed for the weekend

    Then it has to be a double...
  4. Angler

    Havasu Walmart closed for the weekend

    Take it easy Francis!! Employees wearing masks get the corona, masks do not work. You know what else doesn't work, lockdowns. Please go take a zanny and calm the fuck down.
  5. Angler

    Havasu Walmart closed for the weekend

    If masks work, why is there an outbreak with employees?
  6. Angler

    Havasu Walmart closed for the weekend

    Good! Give the business to the smaller stores..
  7. Angler

    Mean As $&:/! Take 2

    Get a Doberman, great Family dog. Plus it has short hair.. a lot of it....
  8. Angler

    18+ lounge?

    <<<<< ADD TO G&A PLEASE... If Grads is banned from the 18 & over forum, I'm in.
  9. Angler

    good morning and happy Friday inmates

    Damn RR, Way to step up on a Friday.. Good morning peeps.
  10. Angler

    [WTB] WTB or Trade for a Cheetah Stilleto, Warlock euro

    "Damn it people, the title says it all." OP
  11. Angler

    work boots/shoes...

    Used to be Redwings for work, but the soles wear out too fast. My shoe for everything is Reebok Classic.
  12. Angler

    PPP (Round 2) Information

    Looks like I'll be around 24.5% decline from the previous year..
  13. Angler

    good morning and happy hump day inmates

    Good morning peeps. Nice job RR👍
  14. Angler

    RDP Braintrust

    How many inches is out of level from the wall to your house? It's hard to tell exactly how uneven it is. Are you planning on pouring concrete for toyhauler? Maybe just pour two lanes of concrete for your tires and landing gear to level it out. Then there is always undermining his wall, the...
  15. Angler

    Insurrection Act

    I think the MIC just dropped...
  16. Angler

    More Big Tech Censorship

    Great! Trump supporters BANNED from owning pigeons in case they try to communicate with one another. Where will it stop?
  17. Angler

    Hold The Line.

    CIA did it.
  18. Angler

    Hold The Line.

  19. Angler

    Hold The Line.

    I'm calling BS on this. No way our corrupt spy agencies would let this happen, there would have been leaks....