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    Small shop liability insurance?

    Anyone on here sell insurance?, looking for a liability policy for a small one man boat service / repair shop in Tucson?
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    Do You have Fiberglass Fuel Tank Problems?

    If you own a boat that has fiberglass fuel tanks you must have a fuel supply issue! Fiberglass fuel tanks do not hold up to the fuel after many years of use and fuel additives, some tanks also have a coating of gel coat on the interior that starts to break down and plug off your fuel supply pick...
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    If you have had a overheating issue and not being able to get it figured out I can almost guarantee this is your problem. If your engine runs fine on the hose at home and runs fine at low speeds on the water but starts to run warm at mid to high speeds or after running a fresh water cooled...
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    Shop floor painting?

    I want to make a improvement on a 20 year old shop floor that has had a couple of coatings in the past without breaking the bank. The floor is concrete with cracks and such but I don't really care about that I just would like to make it at least look uniform again, not interested in the trick...
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    Need a new hobby? NHRA Super Comp Dragster, Good Deal!

    Turn key 2004 WORTHY RED, $26,500 PM me if interested
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    Employer Looking for a Workers comp Attorney in SF North bay area

    I need to talk to a WC attorney regarding a ongoing case with a ex employee. Venue is Santa Rosa CA. Please PM me if you can help, Thanks
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    Liability Insurance ?

    Any one out there that can help with a very small one man boat service shop liability policy? If so can you PM me
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    OIL COOLER....$99

    Selling this oil cooler as you see it, cools engine oil and power steering fluid, has been cleaned, no leaks, you can buy mounts for it @ CP Performance / Hardin Marine starting at $35 $99 plus ride
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    [SOLD] Bravo "XR" Lower Gear Set.......$350

    I'm selling these Bravo "XR" lower gears as you see them, in almost perfect condition 15/19 #43-818927, #43-818928.../ $350 + shipping
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    [WTS] BRAVO 1 4-BLD 28 P.......$350/ NOW $275

    I'm selling this Bravo One 4-bld propeller as you see it, 1" fixed hub, no major damage, has been through the sand a few times, in usable condition or have it reworked to fit your needs. #48-831916 A50 28P $350 + ride
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    Selling this new set of SBC main bearings Clevite #MS-909-P 10 Fits 4.3, 5.0, 5.7 from 1967 thru 2002 Still in sealed wrapper $15 + $7.85 shipping
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    [SOLD] Bravo yoke and driveshaft assembly $175

    Selling this Bravo yoke and driveshaft assembly complete as seen (FITS STD BRAVO PINION GEAR NOT XR) $175 + ship
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    [SOLD] XR Pinion gear only $75

    Selling this XR Pinion gear as you see it, 16 tooth $75 + ride
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    [WTS] Extended standoff box drive shaft (IMCO)

    Selling this extended drive shaft for use with a standoff box...$250 + shipping, I have two of these if needed
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    Selling this used upper clutch shaft, good condition $75.00 + shipping
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    [SOLD] V-Drive shift handle

    Selling this Bergeron Eng. V-drive shift handle as you see it, like new, $35 plus shipping
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    ADT alarm system question

    I currently have a ADT wireless alarm / fire protection system and finally my original contract is up next month and I'm looking to keep the system that I own but change monitoring companies has anyone had any luck doing this? I'm finding out that there is a ADT card in my key pad that may need...
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    Current time setting

    Does anyone else see that the time is way off for your location?
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    [SOLD] BRAVO UPPER GEAR SET ...$450.00

    These gears are in good condition with very little wear, PM me with any other questions Pinion gear part #43-807902, For & Rev gear part #43-807903...$450.00 + ride
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    Trick Cole Flatty..........$32,500

    Interested buyers only, PM me and I can hook you up with the owner for all info