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  1. Magic Mike

    So Cal Day Trippin'.. Whats open..

    I think Temecula is pretty good still, Palm desert lockdown so my wife takes our daughter to volleyball there.
  2. Magic Mike

    Dr. Dre Hospitalized with Brain Aneursym

    That’s what I was thinking, 2 million a month???
  3. Magic Mike

    Driving the coast- tips, tricks recommendations

    Stop at Malibu seafood on the way, great little place. Zuma beach, Leo Carrillo, Neptune’s net. Carpinteria cool little town. Santa Barbara zoo. Pismo beach. Hearst castle was awesome at night! 17 mile drive as mentioned absolutely beautiful... It is a great trip!!
  4. Magic Mike

    Haha fuckers

    Yeah, all that! My hero...
  5. Magic Mike

    David Hasselhoff and CueStack join forces for a metal song 🤘🤘🤘🤘

    I thought the guitarist was very good, song was good, Knutrider was horrible, but better than I thought he would be...
  6. Magic Mike

    Glitter Bomb #3

    I like it in a Little rascals, MacGyver kinda way. Teaches people not to steal? Dude said he spent a year working on it though... Who buys his merch?
  7. Magic Mike

    How Do Your kids Communicate?:

    I think it’s great the kids are going back to a simpler time... I would love to see a lot more of it. I wish I could have raised my kids like “Leave it to Beaver” or “Happy days” in the 50’s.
  8. Magic Mike

    Enclosed trailer fuel station

    We used to get that stuff from Grainger.com They have a lot...
  9. Magic Mike

    LAM; Christmas did comeEarly!!

  10. Magic Mike

    So my wife asks me tonight????

    Females don’t really seem to understand camaraderie... Like playing football in high school, having a bunch of guys with a common goal, interest or view. I wasn’t in the military, has to be much stronger even for the guys that were. She likes the river and boating, just nowhere near as much as I do.
  11. Magic Mike

    96 Kachina Icon 25

    Fun, inexpensive boat for Needles to Bullhead.
  12. Magic Mike

    2021 Cadillac Escalade revealed - Are you buying?

    I was not sure on the exterior styling, a lady went by yesterday in one all blacked out and it was a knockout... Interiors are beautiful. I think the the 2017ish CPO is the way to go, I love the look of those still anyway.
  13. Magic Mike

    Newsom winery

    What a hypocritical dick...
  14. Magic Mike

    Very sad news. Tiny “Zeus” Lister

    Just saw this on the news, horrible... Found by authorities in his home in Marina del Rey, he had been sick with Covid for a week, stopped answering his phone, a friend went to check on him... He was great in “Friday” as “Deebo” and liked him in “Jackie Brown” as “Winston”. Interviews I have...
  15. Magic Mike

    Tito Ortiz HB pro tem mayor

    Nice boat, nice pad, bad mofo... To get where he is now from where he started, nothing but respect. Say what you want, he is a hard worker and wants the best for his kids. Hopefully he’s learned from his mistakes or bad choices and I wish him the best.
  16. Magic Mike

    Joint Supplements

    I’ve been hearing Turmeric also. Tried fish oil with no results.
  17. Magic Mike

    Private party money transfers

    I miss the 80’s/90’s Recycler days bad... I had a great business as a teenager hustling Porsche wheels. The guy at my corner store would call me early Thursday morning as soon as the paper got delivered. As I got older, I would wait at 5:30 am on Van nuys blvd. at the Recycler office, or the...
  18. Magic Mike

    Ritchey!! Help.

    Skateboarding muneca in a Jane Fonda workout outfit with flying Mercedes Gullwings, what more could you want? Maybe a good song and if they were 50’s Gullwings?
  19. Magic Mike

    Anyone ever sell a car and the guy never picks it up?

    About 10 years ago I sold 3 cars as a package on EBay for $10,500. A guy in Brazil bought them and wired the money. A truck was supposed to pick them up within a month. Don’t hear from the guy for 6 months and I need the space, after a few emails I told him get them picked up or I need $150 per...
  20. Magic Mike

    Cardi B- Women of the Year in music?

    Garbage, makes me sick that my 12 year old daughter can see and hear her... Genius at making money though, appeals to the lowest common denominator obviously.