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  1. NeverSatisfied

    Spider ?

    what kinda spider is this? Brown recluse? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. NeverSatisfied

    Came home to this!

    nobody knows what happened! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. NeverSatisfied

    Janet Morgan...

    Lol. Real or spammer? I’m laughing my ass of at some of the comments on rdp Facebook. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. NeverSatisfied

    Food safety.

    So my mom asked me to smoke some pulled pork. Don’t know why but it was cold and windy last night and I ran out of pellets somewhere between midnight and 3 this morning. Threw it in the oven to get to temp. Any concerns? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. NeverSatisfied

    This ok?

    Looks a little iffy to me! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. NeverSatisfied


    @240Hallett Beer on ice? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. NeverSatisfied

    Paradise by the sea in Oceanside...

    Looking to do something different next year the our annual Newport Dunes trip. Anybody been there? Yes or no?
  8. NeverSatisfied

    Newport limo recommendations?

    My kids 12th Birthday when we are camping in Newport. Who is the go to limo company for a quick dinner?
  9. NeverSatisfied

    Dog fences.

    What is a good invisible fence for a larger property? Most I see is 150' perimeter but I'm needing a bit larger.
  10. NeverSatisfied

    Lunch in Havasu

    Was planning on staying in Havasu Monday night but that did not work out for the boss lady. So now we will be passing through around lunchtime on Tuesday. Any suggestions on who might have parking for 2 large Rvs with trailers with a good lunch in Havasu or Parker?
  11. NeverSatisfied

    Hit and run

    I was rear ended this morning in the fog, after finding out they have no insurance was taking pictures they asked my why I was taking pictures. I told them for my insurance. As I walked to my truck they got in the car and took off. Nobody hurt truck can be fixed but can anything happen to...
  12. NeverSatisfied

    Help finding a video!

    So last night my wife and i got into a shoving match with 2 of her idiot cousins via face book. A lot of bad things were said to my wife about her religious and political beliefs. Fast forward to this morning! I see a video on face book of a woman(possibly black but not 100%). She had about a...
  13. NeverSatisfied

    Rzr and Xm

    Before I left for Baja with the Rzr last week I put a XM receiver in it. Worked great at home. Once I get down there it still works just fine. Fire the Rzr up and have a bad whine(never listened to it running). A bad enough whine that I unplugged it. Any idea to eliminate it?
  14. NeverSatisfied

    Baja Bound!

    Heading down to Baja for a week with the Rzr's in the morning. Cant wait! Any worthwhile pics will be posted pending cell signal!
  15. NeverSatisfied

    Crazy shit falling from the sky in OC

    Just saw some shit falling from the sky! What was it!
  16. NeverSatisfied

    Fuel Wheels

    Are they any good? I woke up to a cracked front passenger wheel on Mother's Day when I was down at my in laws. Yesterday did a turn around trip to Scottsdale to pick up my trailer and Rzr's. Woke up to a flat this morning on the front drivers side. Cracked...
  17. NeverSatisfied

    My first RDSUX sighting

  18. NeverSatisfied


    Anybody know what this thing is?
  19. NeverSatisfied

    Pink Taco sighting?

  20. NeverSatisfied

    To good to be true?

    Listed my 5th wheel today.. Got a text from a florida number wanting to know my bottom dollar. Told him i would entertain any realistic offer and i get this! Lol! I am ok with the price of your Rv and willing to pay this sum via paypal. I am not able to come for inspection or pay by cash...