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    So I’m in Temecula and looking to refi who’s the guy!?! I’ve asked this before in someone else’s thread and didn’t get any calls or responses if nobody gets back to me I’ll just go through quicken loans who I’m currently with.
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    Red Bull

    Anyone interested in Red Bull cooler?
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    Boxer puppy

    So wife wants a friend for our little guy and she has her heart set on a female boxer puppy on the small side. Don’t want a big boxer looking for the smallest female we could find. Not opposed to a rescue let me know what you got! Breeders or rescues I’ll take any leads you have.
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    Well at least we still have nice weather!

    Lol good luck dining indoors now Arizona!! Keep the California jokes coming!! I'm officially taking Arizona of the list of places to flee!
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    My niece is missing!!

    I don't normally Post on this site but have been a member fir a bit but we are hoping someone might be able to help locate my 15 year old niece. she is traveling with a 17 soon to be 18yr old male companion. any help would be great. she is believed to be in the Santa Monica area...