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  1. scootin newton

    Vw interior work

    Anybody have any names or suggestions for replacing a headliner in an old bug?
  2. scootin newton

    lake powell flash floods

  3. scootin newton

    Yard sale find

    check out what i found at a yard sale today.. original 1985 Mint 400 game still in the plastic!
  4. scootin newton

    Parker boat drags

    just read in the paper that the ADBA is having boat drags at the casino Oct. 4-7th
  5. scootin newton

    nerfin 101

  6. scootin newton

    Where did it go?

    My son got his drivers license today. Time sure flew like everyone said it would.
  7. scootin newton

    ds 2011

    so i realize im probally the only one here that is clueless on what this is all about. i hear something about a poker run then an all out speed test? is this on saturday and sunday?
  8. scootin newton

    This dude must have been haulin ass!

    saw this on the river today. thought i was seeing things!