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  1. 240Hallett

    Meanwhile in Rancho Cucamonga

  2. 240Hallett


    Want to go play in the dirt without spending RZR/CanAm money?? You can drag this awesome toy out to your favorite spot with the custom tow bar or just drive it there. 4WD with 1.3L of awesome power and a five speed. Backseat is easily removable in case you need to take a bigger ice chest. Fairly...
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    King Size Sleep Number Bed

    Free for pick up in Rancho Cucamonga.
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    66” x 7 1/2” These fenders are in good shape. Not rusting, flaking, or peeling contrary to popular belief. Replaced them with wider ones. Located in Lake Havasu. Can deliver in SoCal. $350 OBO Text or call 909two1four391four
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    Trailer brake controller?

    Is there a state law that requires a brake controller for a trailer 1300 pounds or over? Trailer dealer is trying to sell my son one for a pop up tent trailer.
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    Inmate sighting

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    ?? For the plumbing experts??

    Can brass fittings be taken apart with heat like they were put together? I need to replace this shut off valve...
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    Bittersweet day…

    Last day of chemo is a sweet day for the cancer crowd.The part that sucks is you have to get cancer to partake in the festivities. With the support of family and friends my ol lady has been a bad ass through this part of the ordeal. Hopefully by the end of the year all the treatments will be...
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    Inmate spotted…

    Upland California
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    Parker trip

    We're going to drag the boat down to Parker for the day and spend the night at the Bluewater. First stop is going to be breakfast and bloody marys. Where is the place to go? We want to get breakfast before we launch.
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    I need a hair stylist ...

    I am proud to announce that my daughter is taking ownership of a prestigious beauty salon in Claremont. This transition has opened up a few booth rental opportunities for quality hair stylists. If you know anyone looking to relocate to this prime location have them call Melissa at Salon...
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    Domain name...???

    How does one go about acquiring a domain name? Lots of info on the internet but we could use a little direction from the smart people here.
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    Garage Door Opener: Free!

    I have an old Genie screw drive opener for a standard 7 foot door including remotes and wall switch. Everything works. I updated to a newer Wi-Fi controlled opener. Located in Lake Havasu. Come and get it.
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    Hey McRib

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    ...were leaking like a sumbich. Don't know if these are THE problem but they are a problem so I'll start there.
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    Amp wiring question...

    I am running one bass speaker of off a 2 channel amp. I hooked up the + and - to the outer terminals. What do I do with the - and + between them. Run a jumper between them?? Leave them alone?? Thanks!
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    I have 2 Mirage 3 blade props in good condition. They are from a previous boat but my current boat needs 4 blades. They are 21 and 23 pitch. Not sure which one is in the picture but both are in the same condition. I can post more pics next time I'm in Havasu. $175 each or trade for 4 blades...
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    Gas Stained Gelcoat

    So apperently we didn't burn enough gas at DS and left the boat in the garage with nearly a full tank. I store with the bow down so I can put the drive down. Gas fill and vent are towards the front of the belly tank. How do I get rid of the stains?? I tried carb spray and brake cleaner and it...
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    Stucco in Havasu

    I had to knock a hole in the side of the house to fix a water leak. Now I need a stucco contractor to repair the wall. Any suggestions on who to use...or avoid. It would be a home warranty/insurance job. Thanks!
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    Havasu BBQ????

    Any recommendations for sit down and have a beer with your BBQ type places?