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  1. BajaMike

    Breakfast Burritos . . . Who's Got The Goods?

    In Austin they call them “breakfast tacos”, basically a small burrito, every hotel lobby gift shop has them and all drive thrus and most gas stations have the best ones. Most are very good, takes two to fill you up. The office building I worked in had free “breakfast tacos” every Tuesday...
  2. BajaMike

    Breakfast Burritos . . . Who's Got The Goods?

    You pulled your boat thru the drive thru? I never want to try that.
  3. BajaMike

    Guns and Ammo

    Has something changed? I missed the memo. I can only access my posts in Guns And Ammo?
  4. BajaMike

    Probate attorney

    I have a Very good, reasonably price attorney in Palm Desert....message me if anyone wants his info. Way less than 1% of the estate.
  5. BajaMike

    A Job Offer

    See if the company would temporarily relocate you, keep family in Vegas for three months, go home on weekends, see how you like it.
  6. BajaMike

    Who forgot to buy a Mega Millions ticket

    Nice place!
  7. BajaMike

    January in So Cal

    Cool VW busses! Great Cali weather.
  8. BajaMike

    I'm making big plans

    When they were trying to pass the lottery law, all the adds said 100% of the profits will go education. Every year the profits go to education, and the state takes an equal amount of those funds out of the education budget and spends it on other projects. Education has not received one dollar...
  9. BajaMike

    The Nautical

    The service sucks. They think they are intitled to you money.
  10. BajaMike

    Netflix Question

    i never seen that problem, but I do know Samsung has excellent customer service....LG, not so much.
  11. BajaMike

    Any OBS fans here??

    nice truck.
  12. BajaMike

    The Nautical

    I canceled the time share deal before it closed. For my “free weekend” the room smelled like sewage ( the sewer line must have backed up on the carpet). I got a new room and was locked out of the room 3 times, had to track all the way back to the office, what a shit show. I checked out early...
  13. BajaMike

    Texas bound

    Buccees is cool. Noting else like it. Great place to gas up. Especially if you have a big trailer or coach, lots of room!
  14. BajaMike

    The Nautical

    The Nautical has had very poor service and maintenance for years, getting worse every year for both hotel guests and time share owners (glad I got out of that time share deal). It is a huge waste of prime lake front property.
  15. BajaMike

    Marine grade Binoculars ?

    West Marine? They have lots.
  16. BajaMike

    gettin the SHOT today

    All the Riverside County sites filled up in a few hours. No new vaccine sites or dates have been announced.
  17. BajaMike

    Instant Pot....Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

    Is this the model you guys are buying?
  18. BajaMike

    Rough Ocean Instructional Video from the Gayle Force Twins. Good Info!

    They are good. I like their videos.
  19. BajaMike

    RIP Buddy 2005-2021

    Put our buddy down in Feb, 2020, still miss him every day. Sorry for your loss!
  20. BajaMike

    Anyone else have a crotch sniffing dog?

    All male dogs go right to the new girls crotch...they are triaging them for you. Can be embarrassing when you have company.