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    [WTS] Stock 20" Rims/Tires off F150

    If I had your money…. 😂😂😂
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    2005 Magic 28' Deck

    Not a deck but there is a guy selling a double step scepter with a blower motor for $68k on Facebook marketplace out of Havasu. Pretty decent deal. Pretty sure most of the pictures are older because he has double wind deflectors in one picture but none of the others. and he did mention he had...
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    Schiada 10’er for sale

    Looks like he used a foam brush to gelcoat it. The lines are all wonky on the starboard side.
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    2nd gear whine 05 duramax / Allison (what’s it?)

    That’s too bad. He was so great to talk with and I couldn’t have been happier with any of the work he did for customers back in my diesel days.
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    So I bought a Honda Talon...

    I will also guarantee there will still be dust in the car. It’s brutal and I have a windshield with lower vents to help cut down on the station wagon effect. It’s way better than without a windshield for me but I also didn’t have helmets.
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    2nd gear whine 05 duramax / Allison (what’s it?)

    Mike Lovrich at Inglewood trans is a legend. 👌🏽
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    How’d your T Day off road trip go?

    There were a ton of cars in Havasu on a hauler trailer and all over the Speed parking lot when I drove out of town this morning so hopefully it’s soon for you. I would guess close to 20 outside.
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    Tow rig Tuesday! Boat content for a boating page.

    It’s amazing how much it can tow with the right prop. 😂
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    7.3 Powerstroke Question….. Another

    At least you can replace yours. I needed new heads. 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
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    What’s at Your Bedside???

    I will say it’s not birdshot next to my bed. Not about to pay for plastic surgery and retire a thief and his family after I mildly inconvenience him. 😂
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    7.3 Powerstroke Question….. Another

    My 6.0 did it at 180k. Injector cups in the heads cracked and let fuel into the coolant.
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    [SOLD] 2019 F150 XLT 4x4

    He owes it to himself to put 80.1 more miles on it before he sells it. 😂
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    Tow rig Tuesday! Boat content for a boating page.

    He took it back from Martinez after months of it sitting outside uncovered and zero progress. Had stereo done by Pacific in Riverside and wrapped a portion of the transom then sold it a few months later. I’ve seen it in the channel a few times since then with some swinger club website on the...
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    Upside Down Turkey

    My vertical box smoker is deeper than it is wide so I would actually put it in sideways and it fit. But also gas Weber grill on low with foil beneath the grates and above the char bars has worked well also. Fits 2 spatchcocked turkeys sideways (legs pointed at each other) as well. Smoker pellets...
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    Upside Down Turkey

    I spatchcock mine and smoke it or grill it. Cooks a little faster and more evenly. I also flip it a few times and baste it often with whatever flavor I’m going for. Citrus/cajun seems to be the family favorite.
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    School me on street legal AZ utv

    The MVD has it posted https://azdot.gov/mvd/services/vehicle-services/vehicle-registration/ohv-and-boating-registration
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    School me on street legal AZ utv

    Flashers/Turn-signals aren’t required but a license plate light is FYI. Some areas also require a whip/flag 8’ above the ground. Otherwise the list is correct. I got pressured into registering primarily on road by the MVD employee. She said if I ever drove it on the road not just to get to a...
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    …Petco… Do It Yourself Dog Wash???..,

    There is a groomer in Murrieta with a self serve room. I use it all the time for my Australian Shepherd. The $20 is worth having the turbo blowdryer and not having to clean dog hair out of the yard for a week. They always freak out when I clean the washbasin and tip $5 on top of the clean. They...
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    Leo Galore

    AZ State Trooper CA Highway Patrol San Bernardino Sheriff AZ Game and Fish CA Fish and Game Coastguard
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    Help me buy a new rifle…

    I have a Howa 1500 6.5 Creedmoor. I kind of wish I had gotten a 270 after comparing the two calibers on paper. 270 is just a little bit better at almost everything. 😂 I am currently on my last hunting weekend in Southern Ca (d19) and hoping to get a chance at a legal buck. This zone does its...