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  1. Flatsix66

    Business travel

    Flying AA back from Ft Lauderdale with a layover in DFW then home to ONT where I’m parked. Leaving the first airport the Tug driver fucked up and broke the tow bar on push back, crashed into the strut. Had to go back to gate for maint to inspect for same then paperwork. 2 hour delay which...
  2. Flatsix66

    What's a good way to tell your boss your co-worker sucks and not sound like you are whining

    If I had an employee come to me bitching about a peer, you are calling out my judgement. Unless your special your be gone, you are now the problem. You don’t know why she is there and how she is ranked for that purpose. Just do your job, always make your boss look good and things will go well...
  3. Flatsix66

    Building a standing army with Illegal Immigrants.

    Just a plan to help his Cartel partners gain access to more guns and sell drugs into the military.
  4. Flatsix66

    The Sands - Huge Water Front Lots Available now!

    Is there any rules for what size or design house you want?
  5. Flatsix66

    Just saw all the airport exits closed in Vegas

    He was there to pump up the new rail project between LA to Vegas.
  6. Flatsix66

    60 Minutes, Quantum Computing

    We are already having to plan future products to much more stringent encryption standards required by NIST beginning in 2025 to prevent quantum compute data hacking. This is all (AI, Compute power, Data encryption, block chain) the new war battlefield, I wish we would do more to keep the US...
  7. Flatsix66

    23 and Me. 6.9 Million stolen

    Remember during the Plandemic that city sanitation was checking for Covid positives under your house, I bet they are a few SW updates and bribes away from knowing the DNA of our shit in a giant database…… that the dems have already sold to China.
  8. Flatsix66

    Business travel

    Deerfield Beech, Fl for a INCITS standards meeting.
  9. Flatsix66

    Boat Sales

    Justice is served!
  10. Flatsix66

    Stoked Yet Again!

    I bought a 2002 996 on Ebay years ago. I commuted with it daily for a few years, only problem I had was a leaky coolant res. Did the ROW sport suspension update and made the exhaust bypass mod so it sounded great. Best of luck with it, it will be a great car.
  11. Flatsix66

    Tesla Cyber Truck event live now

    This review video from Haggarty is Oscar worthy! It doesn’t change my mind about the Cybertrucks basic usability but it does highlight that it is an amazing development.
  12. Flatsix66

    Tesla Cyber Truck event live now

    $100k for 320 miles of range. Nope
  13. Flatsix66

    Its gonna rock when it rolls.

    From the Roval video that thing is a weapon. Puts power down coming out of corners just about better than anything else, nice build.
  14. Flatsix66

    Lake Havasu riding

    For the MC guys, there are a few single track routes but hard to find, sort of intentional. Some south around Standard Wash and north side between the dump and power line road. The SxS have ruined the trails for MCs in general and are becoming increasingly more dangerous to be around as the...
  15. Flatsix66

    How do I sell a car?

    Research to find out what price you want to get. Then try Carmax or the online car buyers like Carvana, Shift, Vroom. If they come close to the price you want to get sell it to them. I would sell PP as a last resort these days. It's been 18 months since I sold the last car, used Shift, but I...
  16. Flatsix66

    Havasu People ALLO!

    That box might have an accident...oops.
  17. Flatsix66

    Do roundabouts concern you?

    There is a bunch in the Prescott/Chino Valley area. I guess it's nice to keep the traffic moving. I suspect it's okay if the traffic level is fairly low but wouldn't be practical when the traffic level is very high. I must say, my BP goes up when entering a TC, never completely sure I'm doing...
  18. Flatsix66

    Las Vegas Grand Prix formula 1-official thread

    The winner of this race = Sirbob