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  1. zbudman

    Air compressor tank leak

    I have a Harbor Freight I purchased in 1988, 110 outlet. Used the shit out of it. Still going strong. I have never drained the tank.
  2. zbudman

    Barbecue pics

    Good lord, that is NOT a bbq pic or grill. It is a GAS grill. No different from your gas stove. BBQ is done on red oak wood.
  3. zbudman

    Air compressor tank leak

    JB Weld?
  4. zbudman

    Tony Stewart to drive Leahs car

    That and their attention span for the weekend is less than 30 seconds.
  5. zbudman

    Havasu area mechanic for classic car

    And valve covers
  6. zbudman

    Havasu area mechanic for classic car

    Pretty basic stuff, can't imagine why any mechanic couldn't do it.
  7. zbudman

    Spiral Cut Honey Baked Ham

    Costco ham warmed in the Treager.
  8. zbudman

    North Hills MC Fatality

    I worked a couple MC fatalities that I'll never forget. One was a high speed loss of control, rider flew through the air and hit a telephone pole at his belt line, tore him in half. The other was a residential area where the rider lost control and his face hit a truck bumper. He was wearing...
  9. zbudman

    I think I need a Crane in Chino Hills

    My jacuzzi is in the farthest corner of my backyard. The delivery/set up guys placed the jacuzzi on its side on a piece of plastic and pulled it to the site. Took less than two minutes. Couldn’t believe it.
  10. zbudman

    NHRA Finals Pomona

    Congrats to Doug Kalitta, Brian Husen and AJ. It’s going to be nice around the shop.
  11. zbudman

    Why I hate 2 lane roads

    It amazes me how many people will stay in a semi's blind spot or alongside.
  12. zbudman

    Pismo Beach and tent camping???

    The Dunes were closed during the Covid pandemic. Nipomo had air quality meters set up around the area. Interestingly, the readings during the closure were higher.
  13. zbudman

    C8 Corvette

    Wife's daily driver.
  14. zbudman

    C8 Corvette

    I’m guessing base model at that price.
  15. zbudman

    Heading to Paso Robles...winery input

    And if no one mentioned it, Joes for breakfast.
  16. zbudman

    Heading to Paso Robles...winery input

    Tobin has the best Reds
  17. zbudman

    Deer flys

    Pretty sure they're the Wisconsin State Bird.
  18. zbudman

    RIP Dick Butkus

    Check out Vino Robles concert schedule
  19. zbudman

    RIP Dick Butkus

    This must be the new BNAG
  20. zbudman

    Old School Cool

    Me too. I’m afraid the days of the ICE are numbered. Hot Rods, bikes and boats.