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  1. Badchoices03

    Anyone buying bikes for xmas?

    Yes, just go to their website and it will pop up...
  2. Badchoices03

    Anyone buying bikes for xmas?

    My buddy just scored on this deal for his two boys....buy one GT bmx bike and get the other one free....just thought I would share if anyone was about to buy a bike
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    Who's good with the On-X app?

    If you do everything on your computer it’s super easy, you can set up rides, way points, create offline maps, and then upload everything to your tablet/phone before your trip
  4. Badchoices03

    Who's good with the On-X app?

    Yes, you absolutely can, I just punched in the coordinates for Glamis in the On-x search bar and it dropped a pin right there:
  5. Badchoices03

    So I bought a Honda Talon...

    Took my one shock back to SDI to get the cap replaced, the guy that built my shocks, Jason, no longer works there...the girl in front said she was off last week and when she got back this week she was told that Jason and one of the other suspension techs were no longer there....she didnt know...
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    Looks like the Schiada club....lol
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    Beware of Shock Therapy What a Joke

    FWIW...I called Shock Therapy when I was looking to get the suspension on my Talon done...and the basic message I got from them during the conversation was don't waste your time, Talons suck, and you should have bought something different, but we will take your money if you still want to get it...
  8. Badchoices03

    ISO kids car seat for offroad

    This is exactly what I did back in my Rhino...standard carseat and ratchet strapped to the roll cage on top and bottom, then buckled in the carseat as normal....but I also didnt get too crazy, just cruised around ....
  9. Badchoices03

    ISO kids car seat for offroad

    You use your standard 4 point harnesses...
  10. Badchoices03

    ISO kids car seat for offroad

    Aces makes a pretty cool one, use it with your 4 point harnesses https://www.aces-racing.com/products/apex-junior-seats
  11. Badchoices03

    Christmas lights...

    About 4 years ago I threw all my lights away when I took them down, every single strand, even the ones that worked because I said..."I am going to buy all new matching sets when all the Christmas stuff goes on sale in January"....well we haven't put up any lights for 4 years now...and this...
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    I think I need a Crane in Chino Hills

    Plan B is the company i was talking about...I have a semi-connection with them, my brother knows the owner and my best friends brother works for him...
  13. Badchoices03

    2016 Ford F250 - 50% Off!

    As a owner of a 2016 F250, I hate seeing this...
  14. Badchoices03

    I think I need a Crane in Chino Hills

    What spa mover are you using? There is guy around here that tells all these stories of being able to get a spa into places other movers have turned down...maybe try a different mover?
  15. Badchoices03

    Heated camping chairs

    We have two of these chairs, they are bulky but really comfy, only thing I dont like is they dont have drink holders....that being said, we dont put these around the campfire, we have cheap walmart chairs that we use by the fire and just replace them as needed....we do the coals under the...
  16. Badchoices03

    Your kids ever get "mouthy?"

    My son, who is 13 now, has always been a dads boy, goes with me everywhere, hangs out with the boys everywhere I go since he was about 1 (I wasnt really trusted with a baby on my own, lol)...so hanging out with the boys at the track, garages, etc...one day when he was around 5 we were at the...
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    Is this where someone here buys me a drink or is that some other site..lol
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    Hiring on a Handshake. Any unusual hiring stories?

    I got hired on my current role without even really applying...I was content where I was at, someone suggested I reach out to who is my now current boss just for a conversation about a open role...I told that person to just give him my email and phone number and he can contact me anytime...a few...
  19. Badchoices03

    Practical storage ideas

    I had this Sterlite storage box in my garage, I added some d-rings and old nylon straps that I had cut off an old boat cover and threw in a drawer years ago, added a foam seal around the top to seal from dust a bit more...it holds my toolbag, impact wrench, tire inflator, a small softsided...
  20. Badchoices03

    So I bought a Honda Talon...

    We wear helmets, I really dont want to deal with a windshield, I am trying to get her to get an air pumper helmet, but some other wife with a windshield told her how great it was not having the dust in the car, so now shes stuck on that...