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  1. 25Elmn8r

    Out Of Ear Headphones?

    The top lines are bone conduction hearing. I just went thru the same tests about 2 weeks ago and had similar results.
  2. 25Elmn8r

    Any sparkys work on here that work in the Long Beach area?

    Don't want to take away from someone in here, but brother-in-law is in Lakewood and can probably get you in reasonably quick. Many years experience, just recently branched out on his own.
  3. 25Elmn8r

    Do you name your cars / car parts?

    Funny, I just had lunch with my 2 year old granddaughter and we had "nuggies". LOL
  4. 25Elmn8r

    23 and Me. 6.9 Million stolen

    Haven't done the 23and me thing, but a few years ago I went down the rabbit hole and was able to track back to 1689 on my dads side. Only got into the 1800's on my mom's side.
  5. 25Elmn8r

    Do you name your cars / car parts?

    It's usually shitbox or hoopty in reference to my plow truck. Otherwise it's your car or my truck. But I have always had a white F350 that's refered to by me only as Carcharodon carcharias (Great White).
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    How much are you willing....

    We're headed to the woods this weekend to pick one. My Sis-in-law and nephew are coming to town and it will be the first time they get to do that.
  7. 25Elmn8r

    Favorite Christmas Movie? Ready GO...

    Elf, Die Hard, and Grinch are a must watch any time after Turkey day. A Christmas Story gets turned on every year after opening presents.
  8. 25Elmn8r

    Out Of Ear Headphones?

    Others can not hear what is playing.
  9. 25Elmn8r

    Out Of Ear Headphones?

    I have multiple sets of Shokz, my favorite is the Open Run Pro. I have been using them for a few years now. I use them daily for work calls, meetings, etc. When not on a call or in a meeting I always have something playing on them to drown out the ringing of tinnitus. Like your son I also have...
  10. 25Elmn8r

    Shopping Malls

    since Blacksheep moved, yes.
  11. 25Elmn8r

    Do roundabouts concern you?

    They are the go-to intersection upgrade here in N Idaho. I don't mind them at all, but there are others around here that really hate them. I think they work well if everyone understands how to drive thru them. And that there is the problem, people dont understand them.
  12. 25Elmn8r

    Office Chair Recommendations

    That's the chair I'm currently in. Have had it for 7 1/2 years. Comfortable and has held up great. Seat is getting a bit soft now, so I'm due for a new one.
  13. 25Elmn8r

    Micro stub proper insatll

    Same way I always tightened them.
  14. 25Elmn8r

    Worst Liquor or Drink You've Had

    Give a cement mixer shot a try For me it's any Tequila. Haven't been able to have any for the last 30 years without hurling.
  15. 25Elmn8r

    Favorite boating pictures for 2023 season.

    Not too many boating days this year. But this is my favorite pic from the summer.
  16. 25Elmn8r

    If you have a website... *PSA*

    Seems to be the norm with anything anymore. I've had a band-aid in place for the last 9 weeks in our Citrix environment waiting on them to admit it is their issue and a patch to be released.
  17. 25Elmn8r

    Fatal Elk attack in the Hualapais

    Fixed it for you. ;) They are giant animals. Came around a turn a few years ago on the dirtbikes and almost ran into one, scared the crap out of me. Thankfully he just turned and sauntered away.
  18. 25Elmn8r

    If you have a website... *PSA*

    We've been running 6.4 for a little bit with no issues. About to push 6.4.1 to my dev site to make sure it's good to go before I push it to production.
  19. 25Elmn8r

    Baja 1000

    Good luck! I had the opportunity to race the 500 and 1000 once each in a 5/16 car. Best motorsports experience of my life and we didn't finish either time! Wish I could do it again!
  20. 25Elmn8r

    Anyone Vape?

    Good luck in quitting that nasty habit. Never thought I'd see the day my parents quit. Pops quit a few times over the years, but would always go back. Mom never attempted, even with all of us kids/grandkids trying to get her to stop. Finally after mom getting COPD and pops Dr saying their...