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  1. Daytona47

    How much can it cost to raise a cow.

    It cost me $18-25 a day to feed 12 head of steers. That doesn’t include watering them, fixing the fences they break, and doctoring them. Winter time they need a lot more attention. I’m in Agua Dulce CA.
  2. Daytona47

    The 21' and under 70+ mph Boat pic thread

    Bad ass c10 with the flatty
  3. Daytona47

    [WTS] CMI Exhaust

    Did these sell please call me 626 390 5917
  4. Daytona47

    2018 turbo 4 seater rzr

    2018 Polaris Rzr 1000 turbo 2018 Turbo rzr 4 seater for sale. Aftermarket cage, method wheels, 33 inch tires, bucket seats, harnesses, push to start, upgraded axles, light bar,low hours, Az street legal plated, always serviced at fierce off-road. 1 owner bought brand new.$22,000.00 obo...
  5. Daytona47

    Diesel pusher crew

    I have a ranch that has a mile dirt road to get to. There is a oil over flow hose that sticks out the bottom of the motor right infront of the fan blades. Dust gets kicked up from the back of the coach and sticks to the radiator. Drops of oil get sucked up by the blades and stick to the radiator...
  6. Daytona47

    Diesel pusher crew

    I am probably 15-20k in repairs and maintenance in the past 5 years (the turbo and radiator was a big one which I don’t think happens often and we tow all the time). I have friends with new coaches that have a lot of problems to but are usually covered under warranty, but they also have a $2000...
  7. Daytona47

    Diesel pusher crew

    2005 fleet wood excursion. 350 Cat c7 Allison auto We have owned it for 5 years. I have had to do the following Tires Turbo went out at 40k miles Exhaust manifold cracked New radiator Water pump Fridge cooling unit We use it a lot but it has been a money pit. It’s for sale as well.
  8. Daytona47

    Watch guys?

    My vintage speed master I wear almost everyday.
  9. Daytona47

    Job openings…Post them here!

    MMR ELECTRIC INC. We are an electrical contractor based out of La Crescenta CA. We work mainly in Los Angeles but go as far as Orange County to Ventura. We work on ground up multi family, high end residential ground up, as well as a lot of TI commercial work. We are looking for helpers up to...
  10. Daytona47

    Custom Ski Tow assembly - Anyone have pics?

    I talked to the guy that put my boat together I guess it came off this schiada. He stripped and polished it.
  11. Daytona47

    Custom Ski Tow assembly - Anyone have pics?

    This little pop up deal works pretty good haven’t had any cracks on the cap yet or the transom
  12. Daytona47

    New Favorite Spot In Parker to Eat

    Yes it is a bar, the blonde bar tender came up to us right away and took our order and made sure we had rounds of drinks every ten minutes, good stuff
  13. Daytona47

    New Favorite Spot In Parker to Eat

    Went to Sand bar Saturday night. I can’t believe how good the food was especially the chicken pot pie. Cheap drinks, good music, good service and they have a shuttle. We will definitely be back.
  14. Daytona47

    Wtb -2 shorty

    Looking for a used or new -2 shorty lower
  15. Daytona47


    No they did not. Yes they made a huge difference. I have a 509 for power. I can give it trim and a little tab till the boat feels aired out
  16. Daytona47


    These made my boat handle completely different. It now reacts a lot to the smallest inputs on the tabs. It also lightened the boat up and freed up the bottom at higher speeds. It rides almost on the tabs now
  17. Daytona47


    Did mine horizontal
  18. Daytona47

    Above ground hot tub

    Anyone buy one recently? Everyone keeps telling me Costco, it looks like the biggest one they have is a 6 person
  19. Daytona47

    Maherajah Wood 360/Fastback - Sold

    Do you still have this