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  1. probablecause

    Garland, Texas: Hitman Needed.

    I have a side by side monitor / tablet out for warranty repair that was shipped to a dealer in Garland and they are not returning calls, email, web page form submission, etc. This was happening way before the storm so I might need an inmate to go over there and do a should tap on the service...
  2. probablecause

    TRT Anyone?

    Just got my first dose of Testosterone Treatment and it is nice to be coming back from the dead. Get a shot every two weeks and hope it keeps getting better. Tested out at 62 or that of a tree worm.
  3. probablecause

    Rental Agreement Contract Advice

    Have a furnished property that we are going to rent out - month by month but could do a long-term lease. Looking for a rental agreement that leaves nothing out. From me being allowed in once a month to check under sink plumbing to no hanging pictures on the wall with nails, etc. Thanks in...
  4. probablecause

    Anyone ever used NuVinAir on a vehicle for Cig Smoke

    Anyone ever used NuVinAir on a vehicle for Cig Smoke? Did it work, yes, no? Looking at a truck and the dealer said the truck was treated with it and you won't ever know. Have not been by to check it out yet. https://www.nuvinair.com/
  5. probablecause

    My Smoker Speaks a Language I do not Understand

    Anyone smoker pros out there understand this sound. Auger is full of pellets. This happened at the end of a smoke. Smoker Talk
  6. probablecause

    Joint Supplements

    Well, after hitting 52, all hell broke loose with my joints. Trigger finger, and aches and pains. Took the Glucosamine, which helped, but need something better. Would love to stay over the counter but WTF? Any recommendations? Thanks, Brendan
  7. probablecause

    Sears has nailed it this season

    For a little bit of humor, go to Sears.com and type in Medicine Ball in the search bar.
  8. probablecause

    H1, Yes or No???

    Not H1N1 but the 6.5 Turbo Diesel. Wife of 20+ years always wanted one and I am now in a fiscal position to buy one. Would love to see her smile and DD in it but don't want buyer's remorse. Not like you can test drive one for one month. Any input on them. I have had the 6.5 TD and know...
  9. probablecause

    Lake Lice Purchase Question

    Kind of a broad question but looking to purchase a lake lice runner. Two seater or 3, don't care about the year. Are the some years and mfg's to avoid? Two strokes = yes. Just want something that is easy to work on if needed.
  10. probablecause

    Money Predictions if Biden Wins!

    What does everyone think the market will do if Biden wins? I have a robust 401k and am probably going to move everything to Cash (not cash out) in mid October as a safety measure
  11. probablecause

    CA Tax Form 593 - To Bend Over or not to bend over, that is the question

    Selling my home in OC for 900k and owe 375k. Minus 50k in realtor fees, that should leave me roughly 475k for profit. I will be taking the one time fed deduction of 500k (250k per couple) so I get to keep my profits. However, I have to fill out the CA State 593 form which I interpret with...
  12. probablecause

    Well, That's One Way to Go Out of Business

    Anti Police Message on Beer Cans
  13. probablecause

    Garage Door Electrical Gremlin Issues....

    I have a Lift Master garage door opener for my RV garage door, and it sits up by the spring. I also have a hardwired open/close remote about 10 feet away which always has an indicator light on it. Yesterday, I went outside because I saw it open. When I went to close it via the remote, it would...
  14. probablecause

    Memory Supplement?

    Anyone have any luck with any particular memory supplement or are they all snake oils?
  15. probablecause

    The whole truth and nothing but the truth

    Great article on what the reality is with numbers and percentages for the BLM adult black male, yes, 3.5% of the population is responsible for...... https://theredelephants.com/black-americans-are-statistically-more-racist-than-white-americans-here-are-the-numbers/
  16. probablecause

    Lake Buchanan (Texas) Anyone?

    Anyone have input (good/bad) about Lake Buchanan (Texas)?
  17. probablecause

    RV Garage Electrical Question

    I have a sub-panel in my RV garage and a tube that goes to a shed next to it. My question is can I run romex from the sub to the tube and then just the 12/2 wire through the tube to the shed? or do I have to put a box on top of the tube and then run the romex to it? Thanks,
  18. probablecause

    I thought the "MAS" told my truck how to run?

    Ok, so I pull the air filter out of my 2005 5.4L truck and rip off the long factory snorkel. The only thing left is the air filter body (with MAS) that connects to my throttle body. I fire the truck up and it immediately runs like shit. Pull the MASS and clean it and still runs like shit. Oh...
  19. probablecause

    What is this and how much to fix?

    What is this and how much to fix? 2005 F250, Right Rear Wheel.
  20. probablecause

    Opinion / Knowledge: 2005 Ford 5.4 Motor

    Have a chance to get a 2005 F250, reg cab, 4x4, not abused, but it has the 5.4 v8 w/140k miles. Any input on the motor or truck type and what to look for. Thanks, Brendan