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  1. sirbob

    Speaking of Niall in the tire...

    It was close but I think we can get this one plugged
  2. sirbob

    Help identifying a key??

    I found this key recently and I don’t know what’s it’s for - the place I found it makes me think it may have some significance but I have no idea what it unlocks. Does anybody have any idea what this type of key is for?
  3. sirbob

    Interesting article about Tony Stewart and Leah Pruitt designing a couple of custom boats...

    Not sure all the inmates will like the boats however -haha Good stuff in the interview about all sort of topics. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/motor/2021/02/21/tony-stewart-talks-jimmie-johnson-indycar-srx-series-boat-design/6750980002/ Tony Stewart talks personalized boat, Jimmie...
  4. sirbob

    Speed look out - new car coming. ;-)

    This company builds three wheelers now and they are moving into a new market. This car looks bad ass - fully enclosed. https://vanderhallusa.com/navarro/
  5. sirbob

    Havasu - next weekend ?

    Looking at the weather and I see 75- 80 coming starting next weekend (feb 20/21). Thinking of running out to get the boat wet. Anything going on in town next weekend?
  6. sirbob

    Miami Boat Show

    Did the show get postponed this year? Doesn't it normally happen around now? I haven't heard anything about it.
  7. sirbob

    Lakes to visit...

    If you wanted to tell a friend about a great lake to boat on... A place that has nice water / a town or area with some vibe / bars or restaurants to go to via boat / Etc. Where would that be? Someplace between Lake Havasu / Lake Travis TX / Lake Saranac NY / Lake Walloon MI / Lake Havasu ?
  8. sirbob

    Damn it’s cold

    I’m not much of a fan of crappy winter weather. I’ll agree the snow looks nice from time to time, but our place wasn’t made for this! Single plane windows and louvered glass don’t do much to keep the heat in. Ha ha! My heater has been blowing overtime !!
  9. sirbob

    Picked up our Murf’s today...

    The “kids” Christmas presents finally showed up! These things have a ton of torque and are plenty fast. We went with the Alpha model - no gears. Sprinkled the infield with the add ons - cup holder / phone holder/ rear rack w basket. The kids are stoked!
  10. sirbob

    Turns out Jon Bon Jovi is a pretty nice guy.

    He has been filming a video all day at the Biltmore where I have been staying. I passed him 3 times today and every time he nodded or said hello. The meeting I’ve been in today is right next the room the are using for a green room for the video shoot. I know the inmates would much rather see...
  11. sirbob

    Let’s go boating in south FL....

    Perfect day for a boat ride
  12. sirbob

    So I land in Miami and see this when I walk out of the airport

    I’m thinking is this real?
  13. sirbob

    Tequila ?

    So I've been trying a few Tequilas lately - I haven't had many as I've always been a beer, wine or martini up guy. Just looking for something to sip after dinner instead of opening another beer (too filling). While it may be trendy, I tried the casa amigos brand and liked the anejo a lot...
  14. sirbob

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction

    BJ has postponed its auction until March. I wonder if / how this will effect the other Scottsdale auctions in January?
  15. sirbob

    you know its Christmas when...?

    You see something like this on the beach trail...
  16. sirbob

    Utah travel?

    Does anybody know what’s going on with travel to Park City for the holidays? We are considering going but not sure if things are open. I’d hate to go because I can get a room but the restaurants etc are all closed. Who knows what’s going on now and what’s expected for the next 3-4 weeks?
  17. sirbob

    Great gift for builders...

    You can add your company logos ! Might be great gift for clients that send you business ? https://www.minimaterials.com/products/custom-printed-ultimate-pack
  18. sirbob

    Don’t see these very often!

    This one was spotted in Wisconsin
  19. sirbob


    Some fucking punk attempted to break into one of our cars in the driveway. Alarm went off - by the time I got out front all that was left were foot prints going over the wall and down the street. He got nothing - but man I hate the feeling that he was on our property and trying to open the door.
  20. sirbob

    Talk about a near miss!

    My daughter was driving on the 5 when she gets this little gift - needless to say this could have been HORRIFIC! Thank god it only turned into a $330.00 new windshield bill.