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  1. Dkahnjob

    New Car Advice

    Yes some of the problems were: The 32 Way articulating seats hadso many lumps & Bumps in them that they were very uncomfortable, the AM radio had so much static that it wasn't usable, the air conditioning didn't work very well, at one point the dealer ran the passenger seat all the way down...
  2. Dkahnjob

    New Car Advice

    The 2020 & 2021 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator are on the same platform. I bought a brand new 2020 Aviator for my wife last August, it was the worst car we have ever had. In the first 2 months of ownership it spent over 30 days in the shop at Galpin Lincoln. If you look on line there are a...
  3. Dkahnjob

    [SOLD] Billet Wheels, Intro 20" & 18" for Chevy/GM bolt pattern

    4 Wheels as removed from my El Camino with tires. Intro 20"x10" & 18"x9" with Nito 555 tires, all like new condition. $2,500.00 WHEELS ARE SOLD Also 2" drop spindles and BMR 2' drop front springs $200.00 SPINDLES & SPRINGS ARE SOLD Call or text Dave 818-464-5246
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    Wake up Toto, we're in California!

    If you put AV gas in the generators it lasts a very long time, 3+ years life expetency
  5. Dkahnjob

    Wake up Toto, we're in California!

    Update from my son, He got a taxi to take the wife and kids to a hotel with heat. He and the dog are staying at the ranch but got more propane so the trailer now has heat. Tomorrow morning a diesel mechanic is coming to the ranch to get the truck thawed out and started. I told him once it is...
  6. Dkahnjob

    Merc 600 Verado

    Displacement (CID/CC) 461 Displacement (L) 7.6L Cylinder Configuration V12 Full throttle RPM 5600-6400 Alternator amp / Watt 150 amp Starting Electric Start with SmartStart Protection Steering Integrated Electro-Hydraulic Power-Steering Shaft length 20" / 508...
  7. Dkahnjob

    Merc 600 Verado

    I read that they are $77K
  8. Dkahnjob

    Wake up Toto, we're in California!

    My son, his wife and their 3 kids decided to go on a road trip with their trailer and his Ford 6.7 diesel pickup. Went to Auston from Thousand Oaks, CA. Then off to Ft Worth. When the weather started to turn bad found an Air B&B on a 40 acre ranch and went there with the wife and kids. Now...
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    1962 Mandella

    I always went to Pine Flat from the mid 60's through about 88. We had a house boat that we kept at Trimmer when Rick owned the marina and I had a Blue Sanger 17'10" flat bottom named "Porky Pig" (the old race boat) with a 426 Hemi in it, later re named it "Hephalump". Then after that a Yellow...
  10. Dkahnjob

    Ive gone and done something incredibly stupid.

    Baby ThunderBolt! I like it.
  11. Dkahnjob

    LA Long Beach Ports

    Why not ship your product through Port Hunemene in Ventura County. From what I understand there are much lower county fees there as well. I have a friend in the crane business and when he buys a new crane always has it shipped into that port and he saves considerable amount of money.
  12. Dkahnjob

    Nobody does cool shit like this anymore

    You don't have to be crazy, but it helps!
  13. Dkahnjob

    Cracker 4 sale

    With about 14-16:1 compression ratio and the exhaust right in front of you they are loud even with ear plugs and a helmet.
  14. Dkahnjob

    Comment by 'Dkahnjob' in article 'GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN -- IRVINE LAKE'

    The Irvine Lake events were so much fun! The good old days for sure.
  15. Dkahnjob

    Comment by 'Dkahnjob' in article 'INTERVIEW....BILLY B aka, KRAZY KOLORS -- 2010'

    Great article, Billy is a great guy and an unbelivable painter/artist!
  16. Dkahnjob

    Miller TIG Welder for sale

  17. Dkahnjob

    2021 not starting out so good

    I have had both a hip replacement and a Knee replacement. As surgeries go the hip is pretty easy, much more so than the knee. You will be fine, just follow the Drs. orders. Good luck.
  18. Dkahnjob

    Weekend Paradise V-Drives 2021 Video

    Great video Jerry, and lots of really nice boats. Thanks for posting it so we could enjoy it in our warm houses!
  19. Dkahnjob

    72 camino mild custom

    The car is gorgeous, it will be a nice addition to my collection. Even better than represented!
  20. Dkahnjob

    Lucilles BBQ, callout thread

    I had almost exactly the same experience at the Lucille's BBQ in Woodland Hills about a month ago. Waited at the curbside pickup area at the designated time and after 15 minutes tried to go in, doors were locked, pounded on the window for 5 minutes, eventually someone comes and says OH! the...