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  1. sirbob

    My girlfriend left me!!!

    After all the good times you showed her... Thats cold :) Let's have a drawing party to design your new boat!
  2. sirbob

    Palm Desert Boat pick up

    sounds like @LC925 is your man
  3. sirbob

    Honest question for RDP...

    Rain gutter cleaner Ins sales Road grader House framer Auto parts store owner Steel business Just to name a few occupations of the owners of some of the nice boats we’ve seen lately coming to the water. And they are cash buyers. And the boats I’m thinking of range from 400 -...
  4. sirbob

    Speaking of Niall in the tire...

    That’s what they did - plug and patch from inside 😊
  5. sirbob

    Speaking of Niall in the tire...

    It was close but I think we can get this one plugged
  6. sirbob

    Help identifying a key??

    Haha - getting a lock open isn’t the issue. It’s finding the lock! I found this key in my wife’s purse - I haven’t looked in it since she died last summer and it’s been sitting on her bathroom counter since the day the paramedics came and took her to the hospital before she died. Our daughter...
  7. sirbob

    Help identifying a key??

    Is that what the logo is on the side?
  8. sirbob

    Help identifying a key??

    Haha - I wish!
  9. sirbob

    Sometimes the right guy gets picked on

    Nothing a little orbital eye socket surgery won’t fix - OU player will be out for awhile.
  10. sirbob

    Help identifying a key??

    I found this key recently and I don’t know what’s it’s for - the place I found it makes me think it may have some significance but I have no idea what it unlocks. Does anybody have any idea what this type of key is for?
  11. sirbob

    Ohh go ahead.....

    HAHA - Ya NO! I know plenty of people that if they opened that on their work email they would be seriously reprimanded if not more - if they forwarded it to another employee they would be fired for sure!
  12. sirbob

    Hallett 540 for Sale?

    Bargain price. That’s a lot of boat for 269. I was always envious when I saw it on the lift in Newport Beach
  13. sirbob

    Window debate! Thoughts?

    You are going to have a bunch of these types of things come up - people always see things differently even when they are both trying to do the right thing. The one thing I would not do is post about every issue that comes up - there will be others. Work in good faith and keep the project...
  14. sirbob

    Speed loading in tonight .

    Is this in the old Hastings building?
  15. sirbob

    Check out this Mystic

    I do like the 40 now that I see the profile - and the performance is in the 50 for sure but I don’t care for the rear qtr on the 50. And the ccs just look like orcas to me 😬
  16. sirbob

    Interesting article about Tony Stewart and Leah Pruitt designing a couple of custom boats...

    Not sure all the inmates will like the boats however -haha Good stuff in the interview about all sort of topics. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/motor/2021/02/21/tony-stewart-talks-jimmie-johnson-indycar-srx-series-boat-design/6750980002/ Tony Stewart talks personalized boat, Jimmie...
  17. sirbob

    Old School Tahiti Boats Brochure

    I love those old interior layouts, very practical. They could fit a crowd in a 16ft boat!
  18. sirbob

    Check out this Mystic

    The pics posted are the first Mystic I’ve seen that I like the looks of (although I reserve the option to change my mind when I see the profile) - I always thought their ccs look bulbous. I’ve never cared for the lines. They are well made and have all the right features, just never liked the lines😊
  19. sirbob

    Why All Deaths are labeled Covid

    Lots of talk about facts - I’ll share a few. Having worked in hospitals my whole professional life and dealing with reimbursement for most of that time. Hospitals get paid more if a patient has “co morbidities” that go along with something being treated. ie - a female patient getting spine...
  20. sirbob

    Gel Coat design round 2, ran out of crayons

    I think you are coming up with some great ideas. Keep working and you will find something you will be happy with. No matter what, some people will like it and others won’t. No matter what, every design has its time and then with luck it comes back in style again in the future. I loved...