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    New Car Advice

    We are looking at getting a new family car now that our son is getting bigger and we plan to have another baby sometime in the near future. We have been pretty dead set on getting a CPO Grand Cherokee as it’s a nice mid sized SUV that can be had for around the 30k price point. I have recently...
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    All you need is a 1/2 ton

    This guy must have got his towing advice from the RDP half ton fan boys lol if the link doesn’t work here is a screenshot.
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    This is how the new outboards should sound

    I wish Mercury would let the new consumer V8 outboards breath like they let the 360 APX, doesn’t sound as good as the 2.4s/2.5s but it does sounds good.
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    C8 Z06 Order

    My dad is looking to get in line to for an allocation on a C8 Z06, are there any dealers around socal or AZ who are allowing this without a mark up? I know of a dealership back East who is but I would prefer It be driving distance if possible. He just went in to his local Chevy dealership and...
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    New Production Car Speed Record 316.11 MPH

    SSC bringing the record back to the USA in a big way! 331 MPH top speed is nuts as well. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.topgear.com/car-news/supercars/sscs-tuatara-fastest-car-world-331mph-top-speed%3famp
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    MTI Flipped?

    I saw a post about a new 39 MTI that flipped yesterday but it was deleted so I figured the guy talking shit was lying, but it looks like it was true. I hope everyone’s ok.
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    DCB hits wall

    I just saw this on Instagram, anyone know the backstory to it?
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    Ram 1500 TRX

    The TRX was just released today, the Raptor finally has some competition. https://www.ramtrucks.com/trx.html?channel=social&sid=SOCIG&pid=PRFLPUB20200810B
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    Lavey Craft Waterbug

    Seems like a rare boat, saw it for sale and figured I would post it here just in case one of the inmates might be interested
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    140+ With Outboards

    I saw this post on Instagram this morning, 141 is moving with only 900hp in a 36ft boat. Knowing the scandal with Dales 28 speedster I’m curious if these 450s are stock. Either way 141 is impressive👍
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    New Skater Model

    This thing looks nuts
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    New Mercury Racing Outboard Released

    Released at the Miami Boat Show today:cool:
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    What do you respect more?

    What do you respect more, time or money? I’ve had this argument a couple times with my dad. He is the type of person to look who has the cheapest gas and then drive all over town to fill up, not because he can’t afford it but because he says you should always respect money. What I tell him is...
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    My Son is Famous

    On the RDP instagram story:D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DCB Fan Boys Are Upset

    DCB fan boys hear an Eliminator is going to be a yacht tender and all of the sudden “It looks like a DCB” Even though Eliminator has built that hull and a gel since 2011 and no one has said a word lol. Nothing against either manufacture as they both build awesome boats but these fan boys are...
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    Diminished Value Claim

    I am looking for advice on how to go about doing a diminished value claim the correct way. When I called the insurance company of the guy who hit my vette the only info they could provide me was “submit any information that you think might show the accident has caused your vehicle to lose...
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    Another RD Sux Spotting

    Boat looks great[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RDP Sighting

    In West Covina about noon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Jeeps, Educate Me

    I am looking to upgrade my girlfriends car now that we have our son. She has been looking at the Grand Cherokee Laredo’s but yesterday I got a wild hair up my ass to get a Wrangler Unlimited Sport S. I’ve never really looked at Jeeps or wanted one for that matter so my knowledge of them is...
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    Son’s First River Trip

    My son Parker turned 4 weeks old on Thursday and come Friday morning we were packed and waiting for Grandpa to come pick us up. He did great all the way out to the river and once we hit Parker Grandpa was adamant that we took a picture of Parker next to the welcome to Parker sign so that’s what...