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    Breakfast in Havasu

    Any recommendations for a good un-Denny's type place for breakfast in Havasu? Used to like Casa Fernandez but understand that it is gone.
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    Tedeschi Trucks Band Anyone?

    What he said. One of my alltime favorites.
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    Your river community HOA fees?

    $200/quarter (down from $250) with no amenities at River Terrace Estates.
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    Snow in Needles

    Has been seriously snowing for a couple of hours now here on the river across from Needles-however not sticking to the ground.
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    Restaurants in Bullhead City

    El Charro. Best Mexican food ever!
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    Season 1 Episode 8 1959....Odd Coincidence....

    My alltime favorite episode of the T Z.
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    What are the Funniest Movies...

    Best in Show Waiting for Guffman Both by Christopher Guest
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    does anyone else...

    What he said. Please!
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    boat service in bullhead

    Premier Sports-Needles
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    Shows on Netflix? What's good

    Try "Philly". Kind of a precursor to "The Good Wife".
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    House of Cards on Netflix, anyone else watch it?

    We really enjoyed it. Loved the ending
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    What ever happen to ski boats

    Where's the "like" button when you need it???
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    RIP Ronnie Montrose

    Saw him last summer in Eugene. He really rocked!!