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  1. bbrownster

    New to us 3505 Weekend Warrior

    I owned this exact model for years and loved it. Not super long, great storage and flexibility.
  2. bbrownster

    10 Most Expensive Prescription Drugs

    Wife’s blood disease drug Jakifi costs 14k per month. Thank god insurance pays for it...
  3. bbrownster

    From Havasu to Powell in June

    Wahweap has airstreams in the RV Park you can rent. We did that two years ago instead of towing with our MH. We also did to to see if we liked Air Stream and would buy one after retirement. The Camp management doesn't know how to care for the airstreams long term, but it was a lot of fun...
  4. bbrownster

    Mean As $&:/! Take 2

    We have a Corgi and will probably not have any other kind of dog. And yes, they do make you laugh and smile all the time...
  5. bbrownster

    Acura RDX?

    We have a TL and 3 RDX in the family. Looked like an Acura showroom at our house at Christmas. Love the cars!
  6. bbrownster

    Things you haven't done

  7. bbrownster

    What made you smile this week?

    Our dog just came home after back surgery for rupturing a disk. Lost use of all four feet, but slowly coming back. Makes me smile a lot...
  8. bbrownster

    How long a wait for a F450?

    TPC, was following your thread on the issues with your truck while you were traveling. Don't know how it ended up or if you had to cease any dialog on social media. Interested as we are struggling with our GMC Yukon Denali and considering other options, including a truck.
  9. bbrownster

    I'm going to throw this out there one last time....old boating magazines

    Do you have a 1999 Sleekcraft Heritage SSB?
  10. bbrownster

    Because they said family get together are good. Any good stories?

    My Father in Law retired in Havasu with his 2nd wife a troll with unmeasurable hate and ugly beyond compare. She develops Dementia and as the care taker, ultimately kills my FIL through neglect. Havasu police, after many calls, puts the house down as "hostile occupant". When the FIL dies, off...
  11. bbrownster

    Coffee Maker or K Cup Machine?

    We have a Sieko espresso machine. Worth every dollar...
  12. bbrownster

    WTB; English Lab

    We got our lab from Quail Haven Ranch in Buckeye. I highly recommend. Our lab lived for close to 16 years with no complications. Great breeder.
  13. bbrownster

    Okay, post something positive in your life

    Oops...married off my daughter in a pandemic. Not a good use of grammar with the King’s English...
  14. bbrownster

    Okay, post something positive in your life

    Married my Daughter in a Pandemic...
  15. bbrownster

    Town hall tonight

    I just watch both programs and I am so disturbed by the dialog between the two groups. Biden was given issues, which were softballs(and clearly coached) where he accidentally implied he knew the question, whereas Trump was in a full fledge dialog with a hostile opponent. I will never, ever...
  16. bbrownster

    Who knows a thing or three about these Chinese quads?

    Had one for my son. Couldn’t ride it in the dunes without it falling apart. Mainly an around the camp rider. Spent more time fixing it than riding it. Easy to make a change to a Honda 90 and never look back...
  17. bbrownster

    George died?

    George Jr. was a great fixture at the Lake Powell Challenge. We will attend in 2021 and hope there will be some memorial for George during the event.
  18. bbrownster

    Labrador Retriever breeders

    Quail Haven Ranch, Buckeye, Arizona. Awesome place.
  19. bbrownster

    11:45 today 1st water landing in 45 years

    Who da thought the public could be so close...
  20. bbrownster

    5' and $30k

    Strange to see timber columns in a seismic zone 4...