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  1. Hydroman55

    Oil changes and water pumps

    Ok March is here oil changes and water pumps this week. Winter nap is over it beer season!
  2. Hydroman55

    5 Andy Clark speed skis Barn Find

    Check out these bad boys, dirty as hell but in great shape even have original cases. Drove a couple hundred miles and picked up yesterday. Bindings are even good.
  3. Hydroman55

    Picked up sail fish cheap

    9 footer sail fish with some LED cane out good I think just man cave shit.
  4. Hydroman55

    LEDs on the Motorhome

    50 bucks from Amazon 1/2 a day labor and BAM glow man.
  5. Hydroman55

    Hung the wood skis today

    Speed skis on the ends.
  6. Hydroman55

    Havasu welding

    Used Ryan on several projects when others in town failed.
  7. Hydroman55

    Trump For K Boats

    6 foot Trump on my garage storage door. A K-boat supporter
  8. Hydroman55

    Don’t need a hospital!!!

    I posted this in an ad for a water ski and thought I would share in general. Sorry for no response in Salt Lake. Girlfriend came down with major kidney issues. No go at Lake Havasu hospital and 11 other hospitals had no room due to the virus. So private jet from Havasu to Salt Lake with...
  9. Hydroman55

    MAHA WOOD 360

    Picked this up at secondhand store as possible wall hanger. Looks like prop hit the bottom, top is mint and front binding is toast see pics. Worth anything? Not sure repairable.
  10. Hydroman55


    Was thinking about this quote ...I read many years ago relating to our current political climate with the Democrats. The quote refers to Germany and Nazis but I find myself substituting Socialist for Conservative. Very concerned where all this shits ends up with the Democrats taking over and all...
  11. Hydroman55


    Almost turned on NASCAR today ...old habits I suppose, but will not lower myself to their standards ever.
  12. Hydroman55

    Needles 19th Hole Bar

    Stay at Needles Marina and always wondered about the 19th hole bar and grill next door at the golf course. Anyone tried the food there?
  13. Hydroman55


    Have a bunch of skis for sale cheap $5 to $20. Big boy doubles (beer drinkers) Doubles Singles (All under 68”). Kids EP, Connolly, O’Brien, KD, etc. Located in Lake Havasu Take em all even cheaper Alan 925-864-5150
  14. Hydroman55

    100 MPH Pass Soon

    Down at Blue Water waiting for a little warm up ...water is glass and zero boats out. No cavitation plate required!
  15. Hydroman55

    Picked Up A Pusher

    Picked up a old Dutch Star Pusher and was In nice shape overall. Interior was a bit dated so did the Tommy Bahama kinda theme on a budget. Had a ton of mirrors in the bedroom and covered with wall paper that emulates rattan, some tiki posters printed off at staples in thrift shop frames...
  16. Hydroman55

    WTB Steering Post

    Looking for a used steering post K boat style 12” length or so.
  17. Hydroman55

    Boat Moving With Golf Cart

    Have no clue..thus the question. Does a battery or gas powered golf cart have enough power to move a 26 foot cat in and out of the garage?
  18. Hydroman55


    Picked up this week 8 footer pool hall was closing up.
  19. Hydroman55

    Electrician needed Hesperia

    Need garage 220 dryer outlet converted to 30 amp 110 volt RV outlet. Any reliable electrician references?