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  1. Magic34

    Some ocean boating today...

    When it's hot, we head west... here's some pics for today, marine layer is strong today.
  2. Magic34

    What reusable ice sheets are the best?

    I remember reading on here that some of you swear by reusable ice sheets, but there was a specific brand that everyone agreed was excellent. I can't find the thread anywhere. So... any help on what those were?
  3. Magic34

    Orcas off the coast of Newport today

    You need to follow Newport Coastal Adventure on Facebook. They post some cool stuff right off the coast. Almost 50 orcas today and they took some drone footage. https://www.facebook.com/newportcoastaladventure/
  4. Magic34

    4th of July in SD

    Just got back, had a great time. This whole 72 degree thing you all have going on in So Cal is just ridiculous. We'll be back at the end of the month, I have a trip around the world for work so July is pretty much over for me. We had a great spot for the Coronado fireworks show, the barge...
  5. Magic34

    Salt Water hurts...

    So my first "ocean boating" thing with keeping the boat in the water is hitting me. Cooling system is due, just got the call from my mechanic in SD. I've never really fully understood the "no salt water" when it comes to boating. I know it is corrosive but if a boat is in the salt 10-15% of...
  6. Magic34

    This boat will eats yours up!!!

    Literally.... Poor guy didn't see it coming... RIP center console.
  7. Magic34

    Any other ocean guys boat San Diego?

    We boat exclusively out of SD Bay now. Did a trip to Mission Bay for a night in February, didn't like it as much as our regular hang out off Coronado and coming into the channel at Mission Bay was an experience at night with 8-9' seas to say the least. Sun went down faster than I thought it...
  8. Magic34


    And with that... my ass will continue to stay in the boat. https://youtu.be/xxhkJtLZ3so
  9. Magic34

    AZ Cardinals vs Bengals bump SD/KC off Sunday Night Football

    We've got a bye this week, then we're prime time in Seattle on Sunday night (11/15). Now we're playing back to back on Sunday night because they just moved our home game to the Sunday prime time game. All those east coast Charger fans are going to be pissed.... oh wait. Go Cards!
  10. Magic34

    Dinghy Upgrades

    Well, I dont have a performance boat to make all custom, so the dinghy it is. Added some lights last weekend. What's the rule on running these lights (both in the boat and underwater) while moving?
  11. Magic34

    It's so hard to say goodbye... She's gone.

    First, nobody died. Watching her being pulled away today was hard. I think many agree here that it isn't the happiest day when you sell your boat. We're still in the boating game in San Diego, but that Formula was an awesome boat. We spent the weekend with the new owners and I kept asking...
  12. Magic34

    The roads of India are crazy

    Just returned from an 11 day trip over there for business. We spent 2 days up in Punjab and even visited the India - Pakistan border. We had a driver take us all over to meetings and then a little sight seeing. The way they drive there is absolutely insane. Lines on the road mean nothing...
  13. Magic34

    San Diego Bay

    We're in our 3rd season exclusively boating in the Bay and absolutely love it. San Diego has become our favorite spot and the drive from Phoenix isn't bad at all. I've done 3 round trips in the last 3 weeks. Couple things that I notice down there is that boats are more used as condos...
  14. Magic34

    2005 Formula 370 SS

    http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/boa/5131844378.html Twin Mercruiser 496 HO (425 HP each), 226 hours, Bravo 3x drives, generator w/ AC and heat, upgraded bimini tops, Raymarine color E80 display and radar, Raymarine depth gauge, KVH Marine in-motion Satellite TV (directv), 3 TVs w/ 26" in aft...
  15. Magic34

    Couple pics from San Diego last Weekend

    Have only a couple from the phone. Was a really nice weekend.
  16. Magic34

    When you just don't want a trailer for your boat

  17. Magic34

    Labor Day in the Bay

    It's official, I no longer consider myself a lake boater. :) Never going back. 110' Horizon
  18. Magic34

    Labor Day in the Bay

    Labor Day weekend, San Diego Bay, 75 degrees... The ocean does not suck. Lake what? Should be out there by this time tomorrow night. Have a safe weekend in the blue.
  19. Magic34

    The lake may be a thing of the past

    We've finally started using the boat again after taking a couple years off getting the business started. However, we didn't go to the lake, we took it to San Diego. The wife says the boat has a new permanent home and I cant disagree with her. It's 72 degrees every dang day in the bay. She's...
  20. Magic34

    Truck Rental in San Diego/National City

    We've made the move to San Diego with the boat, love it! Don't think we'll ever go back to the lake, but never say never. I am storing the boat at a marina in National City there is a launch ramp right next door, less than 1/4 mile away. I've tried craigslist and some towing companies but...