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  1. bbrownster

    Made in the USA

    Through this pandemic and quarantine periods, I have purchased a number of products on line either through direct websites or through amazon. Once the products are confirmed as an order, I usually get an email confirming the start of the delivery process. Most products I have ordered surprised...
  2. bbrownster

    Bravo 1 Propellers

    I have two Bravo 1 propellers for sale that I do not need anymore: One is a 24P, 15 1/4 diameter, Right Hand Stainless steel. Still in original box and rarely used. Was originally purchased for Lake Powell. The second propeller is a 28P 15 1/4 diameter Right Hand, Stainless Steel. Used...
  3. bbrownster

    Gel Coat Loss on Keel

    I'm new to this site, but I need some information on gelcoat. I recently purchased a used 30 foot Sleekcraft SSB. I noticed when I pulled the boat out of the water that the gel coat had been rubbed off along the keel. I assume this has been done due to years of beaching the boat on sand bars...