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  1. wash11

    1/4 beef available immediately, Saturday March 6th delivery to Havasu

    I have two 1/4's available for immediate delivery. Well, almost immediate. This Saturday, March 6th for Havasu or Kingman. This is a big, grain finished, juicy fella. I won't have final totals till later this week once the cuts are weighed but I expect the 1/4 to be $1100-1200 or so, including...
  2. wash11

    Your stupid, bad habits?

    As a guy who's spent the last 8 years or so doing my best to get a handle on poor choices and bad habits, this one surprises me. A little 5 Hour Energy bump is very welcome with the amount of hours we work but over time it turned into a "2 a day" habit to the tune of about $175 monthly...
  3. wash11

    Mattress advice, ready for a new one.

    We did Tempur-Pedic for years followed by a pretty spendy hybrid pillow top/memory foam. We loved the new mattress but after a few years it's losing its feel and we're tossing and turning too much these days. I get that a good mattress isn't cheap, was hoping to get some real world feedback...
  4. wash11

    Let's talk about boobies.

    After 20 years of wonderful service, Amy's booby job is about ready for a freshening so this is the year. Would like to work with a great surgeon in Arizona or Vegas and need happy referrals. PM's are great too.
  5. wash11

    Pricing/inflation, how is this not a bigger story?

    I've been on a pretty frugal journey the last few years which has put me out of touch on current pricing. I've got some upgrades and replacements to do in 2021 and have been putting a loose plan together. $70,000 3/4 ton pickups, $11.00 2x4's, 5 year old boats selling for more than they cost...
  6. wash11

    Retirement, would love to hear from the guys that have pulled it off.

    I’m a good 15 years from retirement and feel like we have a realistic plan. I find this conversation coming up more and more among friends, and it’s interesting how varied the different programs are from couple to couple. For those of you that have pulled it off and retired in style, what was...
  7. wash11

    For the left leaning inmates, why?

    A serious question, not meant to bash or start shit. I'd like to know what it is about Biden that gets your vote. I am as open minded as they come. I don't care about your race, religion, sexual orientation, what you smoke or any of the other stuff that main stream media says might align me...
  8. wash11

    Havasu's Fort Rock Farms, the story of a fat guy and his wife.

    A fat guy tired of being fat tries every fad diet and exercise program available and fails miserably. After playing that game for a couple years, same fat guy gives real food a chance at the urging of his skinny doctor and a 560 cholesterol level. During this journey, fat guy realizes that...
  9. wash11

    Are flat bottoms still alive?

    Long term goal for Amy and I has been hitting Parker for a few weeks at a time starting in October and running through April. After that, the farm business is just too busy to get away. We've got a decent little Lance cab-over for this plan and I've been putting a few bucks away here and there...
  10. wash11

    RDP hubcap guy? Need a rear center cap for 95 F350

    It's been awhile but there was a hubcap guy on here that set me up with Toyota 4Runner center caps- anyone know who it is? Or, does anyone have one of these old centers laying around? Heck, i'd buy a complete set if someone had them.
  11. wash11

    Have a sick or aging dog? Here to help.

    RD's thread about his dog, Sasha got me. I'm far from a vet but I've seen first hand, how fast dogs turn around when grass fed organ meats are introduced to their diets. If any RDP inmate has an ailing or aging, furry family member and would like to give it a try- hit me up. We deliver to...
  12. wash11

    Bulk beef during a pandemic!

    Ridiculous title, I know. We are still cranking away with no limits or shortages. All our repeat customers have been taken care of while other people were scrambling to stock up at the store. It's just a reminder that local food systems work and are damn near bulletproof compared to the...
  13. wash11

    Grass fed ground beef delivery for Havasu Tuesday June 23rd

    We FINALLY have our grass fed ground beef available. This covid stuff has sold us out on most products before they are even butchered. It's cool to see so many new people understanding the value of local food production but even more satisfying to hear from nervous repeat customers and being...
  14. wash11

    Pellet smoker, which one?

    Any suggestions on the best pellet smoker these days? I assumed Traeger was the go to but have been told they are not made like they used to be and that there may be better options out there.
  15. wash11

    Daughter needs a car, $4500-$6500- has cash today

    My youngest daughter lost the engine in her CR-V and needs a replacement ride. Budget is 4500-5500 but can go up to $6500 for the right car. Obviously, local to Havasu and surrounding areas would be best but will drive her to the Phoenix/Prescott/Flagstaff areas if it makes sense. Interested in...
  16. wash11

    1/2 beef or two 1/4's available for delivery in Havasu tomorrow, Saturday 4/25

    Just spoke with a customer who can't make the trip out to pick up his 1/2 steer that he's been waiting 6 months for. Grain finished 120 days, smaller frame so 1/4's should be about 85lbs each and cost in the $800 range including delivery to your door in Havasu. (double that for a 1/2). Will...
  17. wash11

    What's the long term effect of all these short term event cancellations?

    Sales/manufacturing trade shows, concerts etc., what does it take for you guys to rebound from the short term loss of revenue once everyone forgets about this virus? It's hard to wrap your head around how deep it goes once you add in distribution issues and the tourism/travel industry hits.
  18. wash11

    Here's the beef 2.0

    Happy cows taste better. Twenty months of gentle handling, hand feeding, and living life as part of our family provide the best possible beef we can put in your freezer, and the delivery season is fast approaching. We sell our steers by the ¼, ½, or whole. Each ¼ averages 110lbs of...
  19. wash11

    Thoughts on this Dave Ramsey stuff?

    I've been on the road quite a bit lately and podcasts are my go to entertainment. I started listening to Dave Ramsey and like the message. We've followed his debt free principals without knowing it, the investing- not so much. Had I followed this stuff in my 20's i'd be competing with One-A-Day...
  20. wash11

    Fort Rock Farms 1/2 steer available today in Havasu.

    We had a long time customer that needed to back out of his delivery today. 1/2 steer grain finished, great marbling, 198.7 lbs in your freezer. Skip the 10 month wait if you can take today. His balance was $1837.98 and I can deliver as soon as I drop RD’s off. Call or text Joel 928-486-4043 as I...