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  1. Kailuaboy89

    RDP sighting!

    Or I should say RDSUX sighting....Escondido, I was taking my GF to her heart surgery and saw an inmate
  2. Kailuaboy89

    Just Having Extra330 Fun!

    getting more comfortable with my Extra 330 sc from Aerobeez...:D
  3. Kailuaboy89

    For my Buddy Wsuwrhr....

    I stopped in to see my oldest daughter at her workplace and drop off some lunch, went to leave and around the corner I found this....
  4. Kailuaboy89

    Bugs is the best!! we can all relate...

    I still laugh hysterically every time I watch this lol!
  5. Kailuaboy89

    3rd Season of racing....

    Thought I would post up some pics of my 3rd season of racing, I know its jet skis, but its been fun and in some of my pics I can be seen representing RDP! I am still racing all vintage skis, and plan on continuing as long as I can. I am in the "old guy" category, but continue to kick the young...
  6. Kailuaboy89

    ALuminum Golf Cart Rear Seat

    I have a very nice aluminum rear seat frame for a golf cart for sale, it will need the seat base fabricated out of plywood and covered with foam and fabric or vinyl of your choice. it is a welded frame and is very light and sturdy, the seat back pads are still there and have a tan fabric...
  7. Kailuaboy89

    Labor Day Parker Lost Wake Surfer

    I know it may be a long shot, but my strap broke on my tower somewhere between Saturday n Sunday of this past weekend, and I lost a Black and Green "Byerly Volt" Wake surf board. Im really bummed, it was a Bday gift...maybe somebody or someone that knows someone picked it up....it was a bummer...
  8. Kailuaboy89

    Steel Pulse Del Mar

    We are hitting the Steel Pulse concert after the horse races at Del Mar Friday night, anyone else going? I may head down early and bet on some horsies...:D:thumbsup
  9. Kailuaboy89

    Parker Labor Day?

    Anyone going to make parker for Labor Day Weekend? I have not solidified plans yet, and I don't do major holiday weekends, but it is my Birthday weekend, and I always enjoyed Parker for that time. just wondering if any other Inmates will be out for the weekend? week? a day? anyway I need to make...
  10. Kailuaboy89

    Vehicle AC Shops In Escondido?

    I took my Dodge to a shop a year ago, and they have apparently not found the leak, or repaired the problem with my AC on my truck, the Freon is gone and it does not work at all, and now the shop is been sold to a different owner, and will not honor the repairs. I don't want to take it there...
  11. Kailuaboy89

    Google Maps....hitting too close

    I dont know why, but I wandered too far into google maps tonight at my desk, I was of course looking at the River, and Havasu and surrounding areas...but then typed in my old home address, and ended up looking at my childhood home... it was really cool, especially with the street view, but also...
  12. Kailuaboy89

    You couldn't Pay me Enough....

    To Be A Transit Bus driver! soooo, one of our bus drivers got shot by a stray 12 Gauge slug about 6:30 pm yesterday.....actually the slug lodged in a window frame, and the shrapnel stuck in his neck and chest while he was on his lunch break eating a sandwich in the back of the bus...luckily he...
  13. Kailuaboy89

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning inmates, hope Thursday goes by quick so we can all reach Aloha Friday! I am off to bed...been a long week so far.
  14. Kailuaboy89

    Happy St. Patrick's Day RDP!

    Happy St Patrick's Day to all the inmates, may your day be filled with green, and the luck o' the Irish me laddies! :D https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTgQWT_afOoVDFBffU2FdqhV9QksNg1nl1SXdimH9JeS2XvXAHaQQMUgtM
  15. Kailuaboy89

    Mold Stains....

    I have Mold stains on my vinyl, unfortunately my cover leaked with all the rains, and the boat molded up inside, the vinyl was new last summer, and I don't want to ruin it. any suggestions?
  16. Kailuaboy89

    Remembering Pearl Harbor....

    well its December 7th, a day that lives on in infamy, when the Japanese navy bombed Pearl Harbor... I want to acknowledge the tragedy, and especially the bravery and sacrifice of all the men and women in our military, and even the innocent civilians who gave their lives on that fateful day, and...
  17. Kailuaboy89

    Jethro Tull at Balboa Theater Tonight..

    :)Anybody going to see Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull tonight in SD at Balboa Theater?
  18. Kailuaboy89

    Best Flight Ever..!

    Here is a portion of the flight I took last weekend, best time, and with a great pilot! Thanks again to Havasteve! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfuqKQ4MhqA
  19. Kailuaboy89

    G.I. JOE...Who Wouldn't Want This!?!

    https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/tag/5807502359.html pretty darn awesome, im such a kid at heart, I wanna buy it for myself and play with it in Havasu...LOL:D
  20. Kailuaboy89

    Havasu This Weekend

    I'm heading to Parker on Saturday morning to pick up my boat for the last weekend of the season for me, then I am heading to Havasu to check out the end of the world jet ski finals, and to explore a little bit of Havasu. don't know where to go on the lake, my boat is not fast, and I figure ill...