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    As captain, the safety of your passengers is your responsibility, period. They get hurt, accidents happen, but that's why you have insurance. It's your job to keep everyone safe on the water in your vessel.
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    Head on at Topoc?

    So sorry for the loss, prayers to all the family and friends.
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    Head on at Topoc?

    One more thing... it may be easy to miss a light on if not paying enough attention. None of us have any idea if the Hallett had lights on or not. They could have had the anchor light on, but it was obstructed by someone standing in front of it since it isn't all that high on a deckboat. 10...
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    Head on at Topoc?

    Not true on radar. I almost hit a boat at night on Havasu by copper canyon running about 25 MPH. I was running full radar with Raymarine chartplotter... black/dark blue sailboat, no lights on their boat, nothing to reflect for radar, no mast reflector. If the object does not reflect, radar...
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    Head on at Topoc?

    I was a regular on SD bay the past five years up until July of this year and every weekend, we'd have a cruise from the north side of the bay south past the bridge after dinner on Saturday nights at Jimmys. About 10 NM.... My speed was 8.5-9 knots, always.
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    Time To Boycott Nike

    It's bold... The thing about the decision is that it is a divisive one. I don't believe that the demo they are targeting with this campaign is going to purchase more than what they may lose with the decision. I'm going to reach out to my UA contact and see what they are saying.
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    Head on at Topoc?

    I agree, when on the bay, I'd open the blinds in the cabin and turn all the lights on so as much side facing light was visible as possible. Out in SD though, Blue is everywhere with Navy and Harbor patrol. When we'd take the dinghy out at night, I'd light it up exactly as your photo shows...
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    Head on at Topoc?

    That's why it's called an anchor light, you are correct. On the larger boats, when underway, the forward facing anchor light actually turns off, leaving just the rear facing light on.
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    Interceptor boats...

    I'm waiting for the next big crash so we can score a 50-55', crystal ball says it's 2022.
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    Head on at Topoc?

    Here's a view of the bay at night... the glare helps see the water, but nav lights gets mixed all in with the background.
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    Head on at Topoc?

    There are people running on the lake without lights nor do they show up on radar. I almost hit someone with my Formula one night. We were cruising about 25 MPH and all the sudden a spotlight hit me dead ahead, 75 yards away, I turned hard left and looked my screen... nothing. No wake buoys...
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    Head on at Topoc?

    So sorry to hear.
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    Did you see the shit going down with Ultra Boats on FB?

    Yeah... not the same in my experience with Hallett. $200k cash down + prepaid stereo on a 40. 2+ years to build and find out it is done when it is on the street party at desert storm and on the water for the weekend, employees had it. The salesman during the street party said it has a great...
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    The New RDP Next Week - READ ME!

    If the following is strong enough, his own app makes the most sense from a business standpoint. If people directly use the app, he can control the advertising and impressions directly, therefore making his advertising more valuable to the client. Getting the product in front of the most...
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    First trip with the ecoboost.

    5.7L w/ TRD charger on it. The super charger helps a ton. Friends w/o the extra HP are getting 12-14 in town. To be fair, if I am driving it normal, not super easy on the gas, it drops to 18 in town, but I'm always above 20 on the highway between 70-75 MPH.
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    First trip with the ecoboost.

    To throw some fuel on this fire, I'm getting 19.8 to 20.2 MPG in town with my V8 Tundra. If at 70 MPH on the highway, I'm getting 22 MPG.
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    Home Alarm question

    I've had ADT for years, they will almost give you all the equipment for free on a 3 year contract. I had a 3 year contract when we first moved in, fast forward almost 10 years later, still had the same system. I told them for as long as I've had this old stuff, I need a killer deal on new...
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    It is as easy to function and scroll TV as say, Directv? Turn it on, scroll through a guide, select the channel? I'm guessing you need 1 for every TV, right? I have 6 TVs in the house. If I want 1 for the boat in San Diego, is the previous model on sale sufficient? We normally just stream...
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    Thinking about launching in salt water..

    Once you dip the trailer in salt, the process has begun. If you're in need of a trailer in a couple years, then go for it, rinse well and see how long you can prolong it. Rotors, calipers, all that stuff starts to rust. I had a galvanized trailer I launched in the salt with. Trailer was...
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    Metallica at the rose bowl with Johnny 1.0

    How was it??? our group is going Friday night.