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    Investing in REIT

    Anyone invest in REITs? I'm looking to diversify a bit away from equities and bonds
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    Resume' Titles

    I'm a trading analyst which could also be called "person who does the traders bitch work" both are true.
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    Whirlaway wanted.

    I believe JJ is retired ? I heard his son is working there now.
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    Anyone follow Nascar anymore?

    I haven't followed it much since Dale died. Ironically the racing I enjoy watching the most is the NPK drag racing. It's more entertaining as it's made to be on TV. As for the popularity of NASCAR. A good friend of mine is in charge of marketing and sponsorships for T Mobile for the Central...
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    Naci Poker Run

    Schiada should sponsor this lol
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    RIP Toby Keith

    Saw him a few times over the years, sad to see him go. Saw him at an awards show and he looked bad.
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    Who’s Getting the Nueralink Implant?

    I thought the subject was in a coma ?
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    2001 Howard 22 offshore

    Nice piece
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    This might be the most stupidest thing I've ever seen.

    We'll ignore a few things first -Commitments we've made to Europe to supply any and all the LNG they want to get off Russian Gas -The jobs this will create Ignoring above two bulletts, if countries don't have access to LNG by far the cheapest alternative is coal. Not wind and solar. First...
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    This might be the most stupidest thing I've ever seen.

    https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/biden-pauses-approval-new-lng-export-projects-win-climate-activists-2024-01-26/ But then again the government never fails to amaze me.
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    Recommendations for New 496 Mag Computer Supplier?

    Alexi may still have some, I'm not sur what he's actually still doing though.
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    Retirement what age did you pull the pin?

    41 now and my wife is quite a bit younger then me. We had kids later in life but I've been chipping away at retirement for a while now. Well see how long I make it. I tell my wife I'll work until I won't and that will be it.
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    2024 Stock market thread

    took tendies on NVDA. Left some runners but it's house money at this point.
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    Banking rant

    I had the first bank account I've ever had was at Compass, fast forward when I got out of college I changed banks but I still had my old college job that i would work at every now and then for beer money and I never changed over this direct deposit and I kept my gym membership coming out of...
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    2024 Stock market thread

    We have any RIVN bulls in the group ? I'm tempted by them potentially going profitable later this year. As beat up as they are they are an interesting play.
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    2024 Stock market thread

    I'm fine with the back pedaling, more time to pick up shares at lower prices. The cuts are coming it's just a matter of when at this point.
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    2024 Stock market thread

    No I bought short term calls on spirit banking if the merger went through it would pop. It was a lotto play and I sized the position accordingly. My legit plays this year are I'm very bullish anything suffering from high rates. As rates come off this year I thi k they will do well. Also very...
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    2024 Stock market thread

    Ok so my options I bought banking on the Spirit Airlines merger going through were a bust, hopefully the rest of the year gets better.
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    2x4, 2x6 or metal wall studs

    I live in Houston where triple digits are the regular in the summer.
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    Lets talk about 20 somethings living at home

    After college I moved back in while "looking for a job." In reality I was not ready to be done with college yet, and had to realize that despite having my degree 6 figure job offers were not going to fall down upon me. I kept my college job and worked a lot and drank a lot. One night I put my...