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  1. JM21

    Another “Joel’s Meat” thread

    Post your recipe! I have 2 London's left and struggling how to do it.
  2. JM21

    Sidewalk food vendors - taking it to the next level

    Where is this?
  3. JM21

    Prock in, Hight out

    I was hoping the same thing would happen. Perfect partnership in my opinion. I hope last resort Monster will fill the gap.
  4. JM21

    Prock in, Hight out

    That is not good. They were throwing JFR some heavy coin. Hopefully they don't lose anyone else cause if we lose Force at the races, we lose the NHRA in my opinion.
  5. JM21

    Costco said to be testing out membership card scanners at entrances

    My Temecula Costco opens gas at 6am and its a ghost town. Thats when I hit it up and dont get the dirty looks when I fill up 5 additional race jugs of fuel and leave with over 50 gallons of fuel including the truck.
  6. JM21

    Fort Rock Farms New Years Retirement Day dinner

    I have the same exact roast in my freezer from Joe and have been wondering what to do with it. Any help is appreciated? I see you made steak bites, what about the rest? I also have 2 of the "X-Rib roast" and need ideas for those as well.
  7. JM21

    Olive oil dispenser

    Old Heinz ketchup bottle from Costco. Flawless.
  8. JM21

    Coffee Machines & Grinders? What Say Ye?

    He has been a co-partner since 2013 and still is. Nice $40,000,000 pay so far off coffee.
  9. JM21

    Coffee Machines & Grinders? What Say Ye?

    I have a Nespresso as well but holy hell am I spending a shit ton on pods. I drink 2-3 a day and the wife has one so at $1.25 a cup I'm about $3.75-$5.00 a day for the 2 of us, 7 days a week. Shit adds up but on the plus side they always do a cool gift with purchase if you buy so many sleeves...
  10. JM21


    Followed them since day 1, hilarious.
  11. JM21

    School me on Water softeners

    I did that when I had my pool built and all signs led to a salt based water softener.
  12. JM21

    School me on Water softeners

    I looked into this and due to where I live the service of the units, salt delivery are not available as I am rural. Already looked into Culligan and the likes, Costco etc and that is what led me to the softener that I can maintain. My dad has had one for 20+ years and their water is primo for...
  13. JM21

    School me on Water softeners

    Looking to add a whole house water softener to my house. Our hard ass water in Fallbrook is killing my new house and expensive plumbing fixtures. When I built the house I stubbed for the system and put an outlet there for power so install will be a breeze just haven't done it yet. Looking for a...
  14. JM21

    Disneyland Happiness

    I looked it up yesterday and to take your kids to the park for 2 days and stay at the grand califonian for 1 night was 3grand. FUCK THAT
  15. JM21

    NHRA Finals Pomona

    Just waking up in the motorhome in the KOA. It got cold last night!! Should be great racing today!
  16. JM21

    Last Minute RV Rental

    Any idea what he charges? Would he deliver it to the KOA at Pomona for the nationals in November?
  17. JM21

    Jeff Alessi

    All the news I’ve heard so far says he had a heart attack, at a very young 34 years old. Makes you wonder.
  18. JM21

    WTB-Looking for a 2 axle Razor trailer

    Looking for a nice 16-17 foot, dual axle, with brakes, hauler for the new to me Razor. I would like room to fit a kids quad in front and gas cans etc. Anyone?
  19. JM21

    Paging JM21...

    Glad I could help. Take a breath and make it a double.