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  1. LBsuperJET


    Same here. Woke us up in LB
  2. LBsuperJET

    [WTS] And one more 1990 Suburban

    Holy cow I want that. I would almost be willing to trade my Bronco for that. Almost 🤣
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    OJ's not on the run anymore....(just another Bronco thread)

    Welp, she's a runner again. Somehow, insurance valued this thing at $14k which made it repairable without salvage titling. Got a check for $7700 a month ago and pulled the trigger on a Desolate stage 2 front end kit and I will say that its beefy! Installed it myself cuz I couldn't afford the $3k...
  4. LBsuperJET

    Tx Border getting busy

    And a huge tank farm in south Carson too.
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    Mojave Road Trail

    Also, the EMHT! Eastern Mojave Heritage Trail. Dennis mapped it out years ago but this guy just resurrected it with Dennis' blessing and it sounds like an amazing time. I believe its upwards of about 600 miles split into 4 sections and there are books floating around about each leg. A bucket...
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    Hello Fresh

    Wife and I just cooked our first one this evening. It was bomb! We plan on sticking with it for 2-3 nights/week as long as it makes sense for us.
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    Another Bronco Thread :{]

    Wow, nice find man! I wish mine was this built out but im stoked to have what I found a few months back. I am contemplating having Oh Cho do my new beams. Either him or Desolate is going to do them. I would like to afford going wider too. Thats a badass Bronco man.
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    Space X conspiracy theorists

    Racey you're blowing my mind right now. Makes perfect sense.
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    Flatbed trailer rental...?

    This is what im looking at. My Bronco is about 6'-5" wide give or take. It could be on a cargo trailer but since its just frame rails and a set of leafs ill have to use dollies im sure...
  10. LBsuperJET

    Rush Limbaugh

    Dude, exact same here. I was driving, was almost home from running to Lowes. Had to pull into Worthington Ford just to stop and listen.
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    Rush Limbaugh

    Great point Dave. Feelings are frame forward nowadays.
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    Rush Limbaugh

    I completely agree. It was actually quite the emotional morning for me, listening to her, and everyone else that eulogized him over the day. Truly a modern founding-father to me.
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    Flatbed trailer rental...?

    Nah you're right I am spoiled hahaha. You guys are right. I haven't thought it through 100%.
  14. LBsuperJET

    Flatbed trailer rental...?

    Great idea. It can be done. No axle in rear, just leafs. Ill have to do it this way.
  15. LBsuperJET

    Flatbed trailer rental...?

    Good idea. I have a come along. no suspension or wheels. frame sitting on wood of course 😒
  16. LBsuperJET

    Flatbed trailer rental...?

    I would bite but im sure the thing needs a winch to drag it up.
  17. LBsuperJET

    Flatbed trailer rental...?

    My apologies if this is in the wrong section. Found a killer deal on a Bronco cab and frame in Yuma but will have zero help on that end. Need to rent a flatbed trailer with a decent winch on it. Long Beach to Yuma and back. Where would be a good place to start? FB and Offerup don't have any hits...
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    Rush Limbaugh

    Me too. My dad was introduced to him in '91 and I have been listening to him since also. My day was going so well too.
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    [WTB] 87-96 Bronco or F series cab...

    They're getting harder and harder to find. Looking for one to cut out passenger door jamb and would love the doors too if you got em. I have a budget of only a few hundred bucks. It's a long shot! -Reid
  20. LBsuperJET

    Richer Racing Bronco build for RB’s Mom

    Bronco turned out great RB. Would you mind giving details on the transmission? I notice a Winter's style shifter in there. My '90 has a 5.8 and a C6 and I am exploring overdrive options in the future and am considering 4l60/80 adapted and full manual..