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  1. Taboma

    Well Sparkys, now you've done it

    Your gender based material references have offended one of Marilyn Vos Savant's non-male readers and you've been called out in Parade Magazine to change your ways. No more ' Male and Female ' gender based material references. In the future, only non-gender based terminology like plugs and...
  2. Taboma

    Tire pressure gauge, Da Kine

    Irritates my OCD when I've got three tire pressure gauges and none will agree and I don't know which to believe. I need a good range like 12 to 80 PSI, to cover vehicles, SxS and trailer tires. I don't need a Rolex version, but one that's easy to read, not a precision instrument requiring a...
  3. Taboma

    Mystery Part, hate it when this happens.

    Last week took my 18' Raptor in for a normal 5K miles / 12 mo. service (Only put 5-7K a year on it) Because I run it offroad up to our ranch, I decided to have them change the cabin filter while it was in. I'd emptied the glove box before going in, knowing the cabin filter is up and behind it...
  4. Taboma

    Doom and Gloom Memo ?

    Doom and Gloom, and just like that, it was gone :oops: What sinister forces are at work :eek: Did I just miss the memo ????
  5. Taboma

    AZ MVD --- LHC MVD

    Is the LHC AZMVD, appointment only now ? All I'm trying to do is renew my AZ OHV tag. Used to be EZ using Service Arizona Online, have done it every year for 12 years. NOW, I can still renew my AZ street plate registration on Service AZ, but to renew my OHV, I've been directed to AZMVD. Fine...
  6. Taboma

    Lake Havasu City --- To Mask or not to Mask, that is the question

    Despite being branded by a few as being obsessed with the wearing of the dreaded masks, that is not true. Only when asked or required by signage. Haven't been since May, so hoping a few local as of late can chime in. Markets, Stores in general, Masks required or encouraged ? I know Tommy...
  7. Taboma

    Firefighting 3D Simulation mapping demonstration.

    Thought some of you might find this demonstration of wildfire 3D Sim table mapping technology as interesting as I did.
  8. Taboma

    A Good Samaritan Saves the Day

    Heart warming, to see there's still some good people out there. 👍
  9. Taboma

    Arrowhead Beer commercial

    Don't think it's a VIN. Also hope is plays for everybody, many on here won't play for me on google chrome.
  10. Taboma

    No. County San Diego STAR smog test station for car guys.

    Not asking, providing. 👍 My 12' Camaro is not stock, but two years ago I jumped through a shit-load of hoops getting this Hennessey "Ca Smog Legal" car, actually smog legal. Now before you guys launch off into AZ registrations, Driver's licenses, black market smog places, getting the...
  11. Taboma

    What does GCC mean ?

    Asked this over in the lounge and after marinating all night and a 130-something views, no answer. I guess either nobody knows or nobody cares, or this section is like Fight Club. Appears to be the previous Offroad Ride section or whatever the official name was, but with a twist for dog lovers...
  12. Taboma

    GCC-- Welcome Home ??

    Just noticed this GCC -- Welcome Home section, appears to have replaced the Offroad Rides or Trips section. What does GCC stand for and why the Welcome Home ?
  13. Taboma

    Tipping amount for home deliveries

    Haven't ordered a home delivered pizza or anything for that matter in probably 30 or more years. Given our current situation and getting mailers from local establishments offering free deliveries --- how much is considered the norm for driver tipping ? Same for other delivery drivers, like...
  14. Taboma

    Social Distancing rules and etiquette

    On any normal day, I'm a huge fan of lots of "Personal Space" --- The more the better in my book. However during these trying times with anxiety levels peaked and personal well being at risk, we're all being asked to observe it and rightfully so. Yesterday my wife and I ran to the local...
  15. Taboma

    California Prop 13 on the Ballot -- question

    From what I've read there's some confusion regarding the Prop 13 / School Bonds bill currently on the ballot and that it should not be confused with the "Repeal Commercial Prop 13" initiative, which is not on this ballot. The explanation I've read states they're reusing old initiative numbers...
  16. Taboma

    Move the family to Havasu, it's SAFE they said

    At least that's what my buddy said in 1990 when he moved the entire family to Havasu. Obviously times they are a changing and evil lurks everywhere. Havasu, public service announcement
  17. Taboma

    wife's cookin, I'm chillin

    Sitting here going through a bunch of old bookmarks and I came across a couple many of you Zoni's or anybody interested in old maps might find entertaining. These are all from the massive David Rumsey Historical collections. 1880 official Arizona Territory map --- the enlarged detail of this...
  18. Taboma

    Next Time Rent a Jeep !!

    Missing Employee, found alive, posted about 11 hours ago. Not sure who this guy works for, but somebody needs to re-evaluate their vehicle choice. Plus sending this guy into the wilderness completely unprepared. The rental company is NOT going to be pleased and this guy is lucky to be alive...
  19. Taboma

    RDP Go to for SXS accessories ?

    Since I can't find an advertiser's list on RDP, is there a recommended 'Go To' online store for our SXS accessories needs ?