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  1. coolchange


    So I got that phone call today. Saw a friend of mine a few weeks ago and commented he looked like crap. Said anxiety was getting to him. Working 7 days taking care of other people. He saw my wife a few weeks ago and she had to settle him down. My wife commented Saturday that she hadn’t heard...
  2. coolchange

    Oil sale Bass Pro

    Just bought case (4gal) for about 50bucks shipped. Semi sin. Stuff seems to check out. Better than 37$ a gal for Quicksilver.
  3. coolchange

    If you need to get out this week end

    Haven’t been in a while. Should be a great weekend.
  4. coolchange

    Skin cancer check time

    Sitting in the dermatologist getting my fore head shaved( mohs procedure). Small spot, nbd. Guy I used to know is a pro angler. He had standing appointment every three months. They were always freezing or slicing something off him. Another friend found a melonoma in a non exposed spot. Story is...
  5. coolchange

    So you want to bring some high dollar cars back into the system

    I don’t travel in this group anymore so curious what some of the in mates might have to say. Say hypothetically, You have some higher dollar cars that have been out of the system and off the records for a while. May contain grey market car(s). Remember those? Lol All have documentation / pinks...
  6. coolchange

    Final piece for you Sanger restoration

  7. coolchange

    Great read, actual boating content.

    A great read. Oh and sorry, boating related content. https://www.turnbullclan.com/features/people/whos-who/351-loretta-turnbull-queen-of-the-seas.html
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    Gearheads, vintage car guys, fabricators

    This young man is building a boattail speedster. Very talented. If you're into fabrication, vintage cars, or just like to see people make stuff, check out his channel. Macro machines on youtube. @sirbob @rivermobster @4Waters @redone76 and a bunch I can't think of right now.
  9. coolchange

    RDPs, what is it!

    See Shelbynitro for your brownie points.
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    Smoking barrel, Simi valley, instructor

    Friend of my wife wants to get a handgun. SHe's telling me all this crap, brother-in-law is showing her, so and so said this. I said stop the b******* get professional instruction. She lives in Camarillo, knows the smoking barrel. Anybody have any recommendations on instructors.
  11. coolchange

    El mirage, the lake with no water.

    First race this year because of the Wuhan. Some camp pics. j Saturday morning breakfast buffet Just a couple of passerbys.
  12. coolchange

    Anyone running a weather station at home.

    Just bought a lacrosse wireless weather station. Costco, like 80 bucks. Does temp inside and out humidity wind speed and direction. Thought it did rain but I guess I got it confused with the other ones. Wi-Fi and internet so i can connect so I can check it from anywhere. Anyone else run one of...
  13. coolchange

    Some flat bottom drag boats...

    Sorry for the boating content
  14. coolchange

    Boat renaming Saturday

    Are you renaming your boat today? It's August 15th!
  15. coolchange

    Big quake in sfv / 5.0 at least?

    Hit hard in mission hills.
  16. coolchange

    Quick Tuesday date night with the wife.

    Wife is starting to get a little stressed out, can't say I'm not either. So I cut out from work, call the wife make sure she was clear, call The harbor Master and make sure the ramp was open, hook up the dock banger, and head for The harbor at Oxnard. Couple of boats at the ramp, no muscle...
  17. coolchange

    Weekend Paradise Saturday.

    Going to be a celebration of life for Patrick Kelly Saturday at weekend Paradise. He has the white and yellow blown shovel-nose. V drive version of a paddle out.
  18. coolchange

    No more Bob's big boy.

    No more Bob's big boy. About had it with this s***. https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/big-boy-replaces-mascot-obscure-character.amp
  19. coolchange

    Eastbound 10 at 2 pm

    Sitting in 2 mile an hour traffic on the eastbound 10 from Frontage road. Parking lot as far as I can see. just a heads up in case you're headed to the River on the 10.