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  1. Riverfamlee

    Cool tow n boat combo on the 57 freeway

    Saw this set up on the way home. Pretty cool. Imagine that’s how it probably was back then.
  2. Riverfamlee

    Trump memorabilia- what ya got & what ya keeping ?

    Let’s see some Trump memorabilia that you are keeping. DO NOT MAKE THIS POLITICAL! Simply post some of the shit you are keeping and why, For me, I’ve always been into diecast and it’s about 95% Hot Wheels. So when I came across this I had to have it. If you don’t know, there are some amazing...
  3. Riverfamlee

    RV storage, Stolen Cats x 10, Need a RV muffler shop in the SGV

    So, we go to check on the old moho thats in storage in Glendora RV Storage. We wanted to drop some supplies off and start it since we hadn't used it since Thanksgiving. Start it up and it sounds like a Nascar, I immediately knew what was since they got my truck several years ago. I check a few...
  4. Riverfamlee

    Anyone ever google space movie 1992 ?

    Heard it on the radio today 🤣
  5. Riverfamlee

    PSA 1-877-Kars4Kids

    If you ever hear this jingle coming on -TURN THE CHANNEL, CHANGE THE STATION! 2 days now and still have that stupid Jingle stuck in my head 🤣
  6. Riverfamlee

    Who would you ride with- Ken Block or Travis Pastrana

    So bored watching videos and this question came up. IF you had a choice who would you ride with? Ken Block or Travis? I think either one would scare the shit out of me but I’m thinking Ken. He doesn’t crash as much.
  7. Riverfamlee

    What’s the scoop on the Nautical ?

    Wife sent this from their FB
  8. Riverfamlee

    Poll worker caught filling out ballot

    https://www.instagram.com/reel/CHO0ZbsALT1/?igshid=1tm8jvjlzkv93 Buddy just sent me this.
  9. Riverfamlee

    Planned protests - Here we go

    This shit will only get worse under Biden. You think the BLM shit is bad now, just wait. Look at the bottom one "Protest against Trump or Biden" 🤣 What is wrong with people.
  10. Riverfamlee

    If Trump looses, Trump 2024?

    Could he run in 2024? Would he? That would be pretty badass
  11. Riverfamlee

    Costco, Sams, Both or neither?

    What do you have and why? We had both for a few years and the last 3 or 4 years just Sams. I liked being able to get in early. However , we recently went to Walmart (and I HATE Walmart) but I was like WTF? They had a lot of the same shit as Sams at the same price or even cheaper. Beer being...
  12. Riverfamlee

    Southwest offering a promotional companion pass

    Not a bad deal. Buy and use a flight, then get a free companion pass for almost 2 months. This is the first year I have not earned the regular companion pass in 4 years. Might have to take advantage of this. .
  13. Riverfamlee

    Call out thread @oldshcoolboats

    @OldSchoolBoats threw down a $1000 tab at the shockwave notta regatta at Pirates cove. Big thank you to Joe !!!
  14. Riverfamlee

    High output marine alternators- anyone running?

    Anyone running a high output alternator? Like a Mechman or Balmar etc. Seems like the marine high output alts cap out at 170 amps But you get most of it at idle which is a good thing. Thinking of swapping mine. Anyone currently running one. Any issues?
  15. Riverfamlee

    Shout out to Sean the bunk guy

    Sean did our bunks about 3 years ago and this weekend we noticed one of the small bunks was splitting. Called Sean while we were out on the water and he came down and took care of it. He told me this will cost you a 30 of bud light :) done deal. If anyone needs bunks and don’t want it to...
  16. Riverfamlee

    Are there any freeways left in SoCal not under construction?

    Can’t tell if traffic sucks because more people are out/working or if it’s all this damn construction. I swear every freeway around me is torn up. Surprised they still have cones available 😀
  17. Riverfamlee

    Caption this! This is in front of the wifes work

  18. Riverfamlee

    Tommy's Barstow and then the 40

    Anyone been brave enough to hit Tommy's on the way to the river? We like Tommy's too but doesn't seem like a good bet 🤣
  19. Riverfamlee

    Margaritaville blender reviews?

    Thinking of picking one up for the wifes bday. Are they any good? Got my eye on the 3 blender version or the other one with the bigger hopper. Good? Bad?
  20. Riverfamlee

    Friday night seltzer battle

    Well I’m bored and my wife is always saying this on or that one has no flavor. So we’re going to do a little taste test tonight. I’m not a fan of these things but the low cal and low carb with decent alcohol content has me interested too. We’ll see how far we get . Buddy is bringing some...