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  1. boat527

    Any RDP'ers hacked lately?

    Probably a bit late to the party, but here goes.. A week ago had 4 UBER charges on my card out of state. 1 was in the Netherlands no less. Cancelled the card and got new ones with different acct. numbers. Made 3 charges this week, utilities, Xfinity ECT. Last night got another UBER charge...
  2. boat527

    Stoker resurection

    I owned the 527 Vector for close to 20 years. We had our ups and downs together but I always wanted a 22 Stoker. Having a family with 3 kids the Hallett was an awesome boat but never really suited our needs. Lost my job way back when, sold it ( and my truck) and started looking for a 2 2 when...
  3. boat527

    Mt. St Helens, yes I do remember

    I signed up here on May 18th '09 or so.. The " if "you're" old, you remember this post earlier today got me thinking of this fun day in Portland when this thing went off.. Truly amazing power that was created when it happened.. Day to night some said, the blast knocked down millions of board...
  4. boat527

    Radar Delerium ( Vert Air remake) on Ski it Again.com

    On Ski it Again.com Radars version of the Vertical Air for $185! Not Concave though... http://www.ski-it-again.com/php/skiitagain.php?endless=summer&topic=Search&category=Slalom&postid=42062
  5. boat527

    "Coolest Cooler" Settles Lawsuit- Wont deliver 20,000 on Backorder!

    Too bad for those who jumped in on the " Introductory Price" Must've been "livin' large on the Kickstarter money" Excerpt: "Troubled Kickstarter project Coolest Cooler has reached a settlement with the Oregon Department of Justice, but the Portland business warned there are no immediate plans...
  6. boat527

    Ok.. Lets light an Outboard " what if " fire....

    OK... Here is the drill.. Lets not start a " Stoker vs whatever" thread but.... There has been a recent post of a 22 Talon mold boat with a 400R.. I like it but,, I like the " pointy bow' deal once coined by the writers at Powerboat Mag.. 22 Stoker, Schiada RT, Force 23 ...
  7. boat527

    Cannabis: It was only a matter of time

    Went camping over the weekend at an "upper Lake" Northeast of Portland/Vancouver... Saw this driving to the boat ramp. Yes, we are "legal" but not in public dammit!
  8. boat527

    79 Schiada back east for 20k

    Not mine, just ran across the ad on racing Junk.com,,, Not to say that Schiadas are junk or anything... http://www.racingjunk.com/Used-Boats/182718785/21-Schiada-Day-Cruiser.html
  9. boat527

    USA, USA! What is to become of USA Ski Racing??

    Well? Thtow some ideas out there... My brother and I tried a grass roots approach up here but it never took. Can Ski racing in the U S survive?
  10. boat527

    " Coolest Cooler" startup is broke..

    Article on Oregon live says the record breaking kickstarter campaign co is broke after raising 13mil....Wonder where it all went? http://www.oregonlive.com/window-shop/index.ssf/2016/02/coolest_cooler_ran_out_of_cash.html#incart_river_mobileshort_index
  11. boat527

    Guest on FOX news calls Obama a pussy..'bout time!

    Video from Fox news: http://mediamatters.org/video/2015/12/07/fox-analyst-on-president-obama-this-guy-is-such/207280
  12. boat527

    Key West Worlds- Another perfect way to screw up my day at work

    The SBI Worlds are on LiveStream.. http://livestream.com/sbi/keywest2015wednesday Way to go Team Teague!! http://livestream.com/sbi/keywest2015friday Thankfully I'll be at home for this one.. http://livestream.com/sbi/keywest2015sunday
  13. boat527

    120 ish 24 foot Force w/ 1075 from Down Unda!

    Flat MOVING for a 24 footer... Aussie 24 foot Force with a 1075. Posted on the Aussie Ski racing page, had to share! https://youtu.be/gwVsPcdZGt0
  14. boat527

    Vert Air in Texas for $35

  15. boat527

    2015 Worlds to be Webcast

    Support Todd and the rest of the team in New Zealand. the races will be web cast... Here is the link: PLEASE note , they are 19 hours AHEAD, http://www.wwsrc.com/index.php/15-news/36-live-streaming Here is the schedule: http://www.wwsrc.com/index.php/programme
  16. boat527

    Vertical Air on Craigs List

    Not mine.. A bit spendy @ 500 bones/ Pic will go away when the ad is deleted http://kansascity.craigslist.org/spo/4934149385.html
  17. boat527

    Deschutes River in Oregon

    A friend of mine had us out this past July on this 1 day trip on the deschutes. If you guys are ever up here its alot of fun!
  18. boat527

    Another sad day for AUS ski racing

    I dont usually post stuff like this but one of the Bridge to Bridge boats had an accident yesterday Prayers with the Psyco Clowns team: https://au.news.yahoo.com/video/watch/25465292/man-dies-in-boat-crash/
  19. boat527

    Crazy Vid of Danny Macaskill- " The Ridge"

  20. boat527

    Open Invitation to Small Boat Catalina Race August 9th

    Hey guys, the NWSRA is putting on a sanctioned event in Long Beach on the 9th.. No more bench racing.....