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  1. CJ_Donahue

    Two stall storage condo width?

    An extra inch should do it. Only you can say what is big enough. The bigger the better.
  2. CJ_Donahue

    Found a cool mini Schiada

    If it wasn't in South Carolina I'd already own it.
  3. CJ_Donahue

    Fiberglass and Gel Repair- Take a look !!!

    @Hammer Looking to get some beach rash cleaned up before summer if you have the time.
  4. CJ_Donahue

    MTI 50!! OMG

    The question isn't if it is a million. The question is how many million. That boat is beautiful but I would bet all my pennies my family enjoys our boat more than whoever buys this thing.
  5. CJ_Donahue

    Havasu Deuces Tomorrow!!

    I love looking through threads and day dreaming about buying one. Today I just can't. I want them both.
  6. CJ_Donahue

    Those Biden fuel prices

    The channel boats fuel cost is going to go up $0.50 a day at this rate.
  7. CJ_Donahue

    Those Biden fuel prices

    First time in years the pump shut off ($100) before my tank was full. Chevron in Santa Ana was $3.89 for 87.
  8. CJ_Donahue

    Bitter Single Mom . . . classic

    You are a better man than I. I would have pulled out a lawn chair and poured a drink. If someone genuinely asks for help I am a sucker but if they don't ask I don't offer.
  9. CJ_Donahue

    Hey LAM Boating Content

    Ha.... Now I can't unsee it. At least it is only a 15 Second fix.
  10. CJ_Donahue

    Hey LAM Boating Content

    Love it. That is exactly what we could not find when we lucked into our Cole 250S. I love the Eagles.
  11. CJ_Donahue

    Guns & Ammo section ???

    I would like access to G&A
  12. CJ_Donahue

    Gel Coat design round 2, ran out of crayons

    Can we get numbers on the options? I like the bow of #4, the wimdshield of #11, the bottom of #6, and the stern of #17. All jokes aside I like the progress.
  13. CJ_Donahue

    Infant vaccinations

    I have heard arguments both ways but when I had kids I didn't hesitate to give them every single shot they offered.
  14. CJ_Donahue

    Best TV Show Intro-Song of All Time???

    I'm surprised no one has said M.A.S.H.
  15. CJ_Donahue

    What would you do with a 1965 Mustang?

    Almost all my decisions these days involve where to invest my time, money, and energy. If this isn't a true passion project I would punt now. I think you already know what you want to do now but you are looking back at all the time and former dreams.
  16. CJ_Donahue

    Sea Dek

    I am a very big fan of Seadek and used it on the swimstep of my last boat but in your application I would not use it. It does scratch, does tear, and does stain. If you use the boat for fishing the current non-slip is likely the best option. If my dogs nails can make it look like crap in less...
  17. CJ_Donahue

    pup’s first lake trip

    We have a full figured Golden (aka Fat but my wife yells at me for calling the dog fat) and found the quality is not all the same. On the beach is no big deal but to lift a dog straight up out of the water by the top grab handle is key. We found one with thr botton having velcro and straps. The...
  18. CJ_Donahue

    Need a few opinions.

    Find a weekend you are going up and back and rent a drop deck trailer on a Friday.
  19. CJ_Donahue

    My puppy

    Best? Hell no. Most RDP appropriate - Yep. Made me laugh.