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  1. Racer56

    Races tonight at 95

    My wife and I are going to Havasu 95 speedway tonight if anyone wants to join us. Races start at 6:00. Great weather for a night race!
  2. Racer56

    Central Havasu Remodel

    Three weeks ago I get a new listing notification from realtor.com on Saturday morning around 10:00 am. It's a 4 bedroom 2 bath home with a big pool cheap. I check it out and I have my wife check it out and we decide to make a run at it. I call Trent from Team RDP and he runs over to the house...
  3. Racer56

    Havasu Riviera Build

    My wife and I purchased lot 36 last year the first day they opened for sales. Our property is a corner lot on the third tier and is two levels. The views from our lot are close to 240°, from copper canyon on our left to London bridge on the right.
  4. Racer56

    Gender Neutral Construction

  5. Racer56

    Free Heat room tonight

    I have a extra Inferno suite for tonight and tomorrow night if anyone wants it. I hate to see it go to waste. My kids bailed on us at the last minute. Shane 818-540-5656
  6. Racer56

    Spectating UTV World Championship

    Hot off the presses https://utvworldchampionship.com/spectating/
  7. Racer56

    Kyle Larson = G.O.A.T.

    Kyle Larson is quickly becoming the greatest of all time. Doesn't matter what kind of car he is driving or where he starts, he wins on dirt. If you ever get a chance to see him race on dirt in person, don't pass it up...
  8. Racer56

    Virtual Culmination/Graduation

    I just watched my daughters virtual culmination from 8th grade live on Youtube. I am so proud of her and she has accomplished so much in the last three years. She made honor roll in all honor classes, starred in the last two school plays, made it to first row in orchestra and was asked to sing...
  9. Racer56

    Bad day at work

    I got the call this morning that keeps me up at night. My foreman called and said that one of my operator's flipped a machine. I hauled ass over there and thank God no one was hurt. Some way some how my operator got out of the machine. He was wearing his seat belt and walked away unscathed...
  10. Racer56

    UTV World Championship moves to Havasu

    The Martelli brothers announced yesterday that the UTV World Championship is coming to Lake Havasu October 7th-11th. With Desert Storm being the weekend before, it's going to be a awesome and jammed two weeks in Lake Havasu City...
  11. Racer56

    Haircut In Havasu

    Is there any barber shops open or someone giving haircuts on the down low? It's been 2 months without a haircut and I can't take it anymore! My wife and kids tell me I'm starting to look like Michael Landon. Haha
  12. Racer56

    Kauai bound!

    My wife and I are leaving Thursday morning to Kauai for our anniversary. We are staying at the Princeville resort and will be there for 6 days, 5 nights. We have been to Maui many times, but this our first time going to Kuai. Any suggestions for restaurants and activities would be greatly...
  13. Racer56

    Damn Dam Run 2020

    @BHC Vic I know it's a little early, but is there any thought of picking date's for this year's run? We had the best weekend ever last year and the wifey and kid's are dieing to go again this year.
  14. Racer56

    Repealing Prop 13

    He did it! AG Becerra got the major property tax on the ballot. Your property tax increases are on the launch pad. California politicians are trying to repeal prop 13 by slipping it under the radar. California's Attorney General, Xavier Becerra is putting together plans to raise property tax...
  15. Racer56

    Mexican word of the day!

  16. Racer56

    Great Indy 500!

    What an awesome race this year and finish. Was rooting for Carpenter or Rossi, but Simon did an amazing job!
  17. Racer56

    Oil Spill help? FML

    Last Thursday, the trash truck picking up the trash blew a hydraulic hose and dumped 30-50 gallons of hydraulic oil in front of my house. The driver used up his one and only bag of kitty litter to build a dam for the oil in front of my neighbors house. The sanitation district mechanic came and...
  18. Racer56

    ISO Boat Storage Havasu

    I am looking for a storage unit or garage to rent for my Nordic Rage. I need 30 feet starting April 6th. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. Shane Scully 818-540-5656
  19. Racer56

    People are Pig's!!

    I'm a block away from my house and I watch a guy throw a plastic water bottle on my neighbors lawn. I stop and roll down the window and tell the guy to pickup his trash. He proceeds to tell me it's not trash, just a water bottle. I tell this guy I don't care what he thinks it is and go pick it...
  20. Racer56

    Turbo Rebuild

    Can anyone recommend a shop in the San Fernando valley that rebuilds turbo chargers? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!