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  1. ductape1000

    2012 Rzr XP900

    So the bug has bitten again to go off-road, but the wife says if we are doing this, she wants a 4 seat car so she can invite the daughters... I love this little 2 seater as it handles like a go cart. We had a blast running around the desert over NewYears and surprised a couple of Can Am Max...
  2. ductape1000

    Don't take Rice!!

    Head on just past the stop sign Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji111]️[emoji41]
  3. ductape1000

    Which one are you??

    Me personally will go boating just about any day I can! [emoji869][emoji41] Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji111]️[emoji41]
  4. ductape1000

    The only bad thing...

    this weekend has been the wind!! Today wasn't as bad as yesterday, but shit, the swells on the lake were not fun. Party on Wayne. [emoji869] Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji111]️[emoji41]
  5. ductape1000

    Let's go boating!!!

    [emoji41] Sent from a van down by the river. [emoji111]️[emoji41]
  6. ductape1000

    Underway definition...

    From what I understand when I read this, "underway" is when you are off the ground and not in motion. Off the shore, off the dock and anchor off the ground. "Making way" is when you are moving enough to steer. Engine on and in gear. Is this correct?? There was a discussion concerning...
  7. ductape1000

    Hey wshuwrhr...

    Happy birthday Mr. Brian [emoji41][emoji106] I hope you have a great day!! See you for tacos later. [emoji111]️
  8. ductape1000

    91 East...

    Don't do it!!!! Someone douched the freeway. Came to a crawl about the 71.
  9. ductape1000

    Happy fucking birthday @budman...

  10. ductape1000

    Wifey made me get rid of my boat...

    Because she wanted this one. Looks like we gained 3' and a much better ride. Now to hit the punch list and get her ready for a great season.
  11. ductape1000

    Dwight Yoakam - Laughlin Dec 2nd

    Anybody interested in two tickets to this Saturday's concert at the Edgewater? My wife and I were going but since her stepdad passed away this past weekend she's not wanting to go out of town in case her Mom needs us. She says sell them, but at this stage, I'm just not wanting them to go to...
  12. ductape1000

    Hey Milfmonkey...

    The gas in your boat is getting old. Do you want me to run it for you tomorrow to keep it fresh???
  13. ductape1000

    Good morning...

    I know it's not morning, but I saw this and felt the need to share!!! Yore Velcom.
  14. ductape1000

    10 East is jacked.

    Just cleared Indio and we stopped going up the hill. :(
  15. ductape1000

    Opinions - Round 3

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the boat info. Funny part of all the questions is there is the option of a tritoon with decent power still on the list and with the other thread, that keeps looking better and better... [emoji12] [emoji379] So this question is: Who's hotter?? [emoji41]
  16. ductape1000

    Opinions - Round 2

    So this is a two parter... It looks like out of the deeper V's the question would be: Shockwave Tremor 25 vs. Laveycraft NuEra 24 Then the other direction if the interior layout becomes an issue is: Ultra Stealth 24 vs. Essex Valor 24 Which ones would you pick and why?? Any other option...
  17. ductape1000

    Opinions wanted...

    Shockwave 25 Tremor vs. Ultra 24 Stealth. Which one? And Why?? Go...
  18. ductape1000

    Phoenix people... Dinner!

    My wife and I are in town for a couple of days and are looking for a place for a nice dinner tomorrow night. Suggestions? We are around the area of the 10 and 17 if there is anything around here worth going to. If we should go elsewhere, we are open... Thanks
  19. ductape1000

    Hey Milkmoney...

    Are you dying yet. That boat needs to get wet. Have a great day thinking about your mistress. [emoji12] [emoji202] [emoji379] [emoji6]
  20. ductape1000

    6 days of work...

    Anybody have some time they need to fill? Mon - Weds of the next two weeks I'm looking for someone to help me get some wood up on a porch ceiling. No wood working skills are needed, but they are obviously helpful. The job is in Tustin, but if you are out in the IE, we could carpool. Thanks...