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  1. bocco

    Reality Check - I’m Getting Old

    I've noticed that case of wine has gotten heavier also.
  2. bocco

    Happy wife happy life . The Sosa 34

    I barely noticed the boat and you spotted the motorcycle?
  3. bocco

    Life is like a box of fukn chocolates

    We are going through this also. My wife had the lumpectomy 3 weeks ago. The word is, no Chemo but 3 weeks of radiation plus hormone blocker pills for 5 years. Hopefully a year or so from now we are both celebrating one year cancer free.
  4. bocco

    CP Performance Plan ahead.

    Last Thursday (3-11) I ordered a Livorsi fuel sending unit from CP Performance hoping to install it this weekend. According to Google maps they are 100 miles north of me. I paid to upgrade the shipping. How long can it take? So first they wait until Monday to ship and it's shipped out of...
  5. bocco

    Shooting the Tommy Bahama MTI!

    If you think you care less now, wait until your 65 or so.
  6. bocco

    Shooting the Tommy Bahama MTI!

    So Tommy Bahama shirts are out of style? What's next, my cowboy boots?
  7. bocco

    Shooting the Tommy Bahama MTI!

    So V-drives? We do need pics of the engines and internal drive parts.
  8. bocco

    RAM truck hook up?

    I'm looking for a 1500 with 5.7 eTorque. They don't have a single one on their web site.
  9. bocco

    RAM truck hook up?

    Is there a RAM truck goto guy on RDP?
  10. bocco

    Who knows about 5.4 tritons

    I've got 206K miles on 2000 5.4 Expy. Still runs great. At 150K it needed a head gasket so I had the valves done. I was getting blow by in the coolant. Trying to finally replace it with a new RAM but boy they are pricey and inventory seems to be going down.
  11. bocco

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    I would take 10 months to pay them.
  12. bocco

    New keel guards

    Looks like white LineX. Can you buy these and install yourself or are they a spray on deal.
  13. bocco

    Clearlake CA

    My cousin has a place in Paradise Cove next door to Kona Tayee. That's a nice area also. I get up there once or twice a year. I grew up staying with Family friends in Buckingham Park. Avoid the Oaks. The canals don't get enough water flow so it's nothing but algee. I've heard that the town...
  14. bocco

    New company looking for laminators and gel coater

    Well I'm disappointed. I thought it would be fun to have a performance boat company that wasn't in Socal or Havasu.
  15. bocco

    With Easter coming does this ad make Cadbury Eggs more appetizing?

    I think that would have been so much more fun with two women.
  16. bocco

    Bitter Single Mom . . . classic

    I think this thread needs pictures.
  17. bocco

    Boat parking canopies.

    I park my boat under a 12 x 30 foot canopy. Basic tube frame with tarp cover. The tarps are good for about 3 or 4 years. Problem is, I no longer remember who I originally ordered it from. I can buy new tarps from an outfit called Shelter Logic but they fit a little loose so they sag and some...
  18. bocco

    Random caller - “I want to talk to you about a car you may have owned 44 years ago”

    Like I told the sales guy at the local classic car sales place: I would have a hard time paying $35,000 for a car that I sold for $850 in 1976.
  19. bocco

    Old School Tahiti Boats Brochure

    My 72 16 footer at New Hogan reservoir 1979?
  20. bocco

    Gel Coat design round 2, ran out of crayons

    I agree with Traquer. Simple is better. One other thing to consider, the two back corners take the worst abuse from docking and are likely to need gel repair at some point. Think about the parts that might rub a dock and keep those white or a basic non metalic color that's easy to match?