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  1. 76 Hondo

    When did you realize you were officially old? My time was yesterday.

    This was way more satisfying, my River neighbor’s Hot Girlfriend comes over asking if my Buddy is single, he is a year older than me, I say yeah he is, she says great I’m looking for someone for my Mom!!!
  2. 76 Hondo

    Laguna Seca WTF

    The same group is trying to stop drag boat racing at Lake Ming in Bakersfield! They shouldn’t be allow to race at this facility! That’s who build the facility for drag boats!!!
  3. 76 Hondo

    Dealership Callout

    I’ve had dealings with both Dutton and Tustin. First dealing with Dutton, looking for a new pick-up knew exactly what I wanted, built it on line many times. Saw it in an on line ad at Dutton, called them said I was coming down to look at it. Told them it would take me an hour plus to get there...
  4. 76 Hondo

    San clemente cars and coffee today. With pics!

    I went a few weeks ago, lots of Super cars, cool but I like old school American Muscle!
  5. 76 Hondo

    Skin cancer check time

    Just finishing the burning cream on my head/ scalp, I look like a monster 👹
  6. 76 Hondo

    Tranny shop near Corona.....

    X2 on Angel’s have used them 3 times through the years.
  7. 76 Hondo

    Mercedes GLE 53 AMG

    AMG= A lot More Gas
  8. 76 Hondo

    After Desert Storm

    This looks like a good place to add this, since you all are talking drinking and hangovers. This is a product my Niece developed and seems to be the hot trick to rehydrate, give it a try! https://drinklyte.co/
  9. 76 Hondo

    Heavy Equipment Keys

    I’ve been in this construction business too long!
  10. 76 Hondo

    WTForecast you guys crazy

  11. 76 Hondo

    White Denali HD w/Magic Powerboats Sticker

    I refer to this as the Taladega effect you get out of line you are going to the back of the pack! Until the even dumber MoFo let’s them in!!
  12. 76 Hondo

    Lose something within a week of buying it?

    You ever notice when you find something you lost, it’s in the last place you look.
  13. 76 Hondo

    Hondo Boats

    I bought this one 43 years ago!
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    Hondo Boats

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    Hondo Boats

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    California dreaming TV special

    Taped it to watch this morning,
  19. 76 Hondo

    Bimini top in Havasu

    X2 on Michelle, did both biminis and the cover on my pontoon, turned out great.