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  1. grumpy88

    Lake Havasu Boat Show COVERAGE!

    We really liked that boat too !
  2. grumpy88

    What kind of Asshole...

    Great job ! Need to find the ass hole that did it and return the same action .
  3. grumpy88

    Lake Havasu Boat Show COVERAGE!

    The show was ok at best . Was great just to get out with out a mask ! Bought a couple of rdp tanks . Thanks for the beer dave !
  4. grumpy88

    Parker Sandbar Bar Grand Opening April 16 / 17th

    Just curious but why the two week delay ?
  5. grumpy88

    PWC accident Bullhead

    That is terribly sad . Nothing worse then a child getting hurt .
  6. grumpy88

    Real Estate People

    When are the woke citys going to declassify " china town " or Armenian town and so on ? Oh i forgot only white people can be racist ..
  7. grumpy88


    Sorry for your loss . Rip
  8. grumpy88

    Mini - Split AC

    Oh boy . Here it goes ! Haha
  9. grumpy88

    If it’s not broke, don’t fix it 😂

    How long will it run all the lights and computers and ac while sitting on the 40 . Stupid
  10. grumpy88

    Big Day For The Monkey Farm!

    Congratulations !
  11. grumpy88

    Some of you might find this interesting. Pool Renovation.

    Just a reminder . You talked about it once in another pool thread . Put in lots of umbrella holders . Check for sun location . We put in 6 and i wish i heeded your advice better . Not to late to add a table either !
  12. grumpy88

    Monday Night in Mohave Valley

  13. grumpy88

    Anyone hear of an accident near Topock?

    To be fare time and place goes a long way . 15 years ago on the strip sure . Now with 28 + foot boats running tandem or in threes up and down in parker no fucking way . I dont care how good you are it only takes one time for them not to see you .
  14. grumpy88

    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    Yup , I can still picture him laughing at me !
  15. grumpy88

    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    I got that in auto shop when i rebuilt my lawn mower engine . I forgot to hook up the kill wire . I grabbed the plug wire to pull it and got bit good ! The teacher came over laughing ! Good times ! Lol
  16. grumpy88

    Anyone hear of an accident near Topock?

    This is exactly why i will not buy one . I could not live with my self if something happened to one of the kids being on a jet ski .
  17. grumpy88

    RR vs SxS

    Wtf ! How many times does something like this need to happen ? I feel bad for the passengers and family .
  18. grumpy88

    DCM full size speakers

    I had those too . My wife too said they need to go ! Lol
  19. grumpy88

    Is there a resident Gear Vendors rep in the house??

    I thought my 350 was bad with 4:30 gears . Your out of gas by the way ! Lol