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  1. coolchange

    What kind of Asshole...

    Wow. Good on you and your boys
  2. coolchange

    Brief Car Story, Lucky Find In the 60's

    Wow. About 12 years ago I drove what at the time I think was the highest auction price Ferrari. I think it was a GTO swb 250. The clutch as like a nascar clutch. Off or on. Everyone was afraid to move it around a tight shop. Depending on provenance that thing will bring multiples of tens in...
  3. coolchange

    From my Mustang to an AC Cobra, a build thread.

    But when you’ve got a rep Cobra....
  4. coolchange

    Any Bass Dorks Around Here?

    Going to try and get out next couple of weeks.
  5. coolchange

    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    Finally got them sprayed cut and rubbed . What a bitch.
  6. coolchange

    From my Mustang to an AC Cobra, a build thread.

    Is the Ford legal? Probably easier sell than the formula. Is he off loading his problem.
  7. coolchange

    Mark Cuban - lost all respect in 1 sentence

    Corporate greed is one thing. These corporate political manifestos can eat a bag of dicks. And I find the 80/20 rule usually only applies to my tool box and my wallet in my world lol.
  8. coolchange

    Any "Bug" Nuts ?

    Nice. I’d rather have a schwimwagon.
  9. coolchange


    Didn’t you hear? They’re just like ATMs. You just set it up and power comes out.
  10. coolchange

    Sand drags at sobba casino

    Line it up and prove it’s a barstool
  11. coolchange


    Got one of those mustang ll with 329 miles on it. But it’s a 302 ghia
  12. coolchange


    Friend of my kid just got a Mackey. He wasn’t impressed
  13. coolchange

    Looking for a friend to drive pontoon on 4/10.

    That’s how you sneak up on them....
  14. coolchange

    no reserve 4X4 for sale...

    My brother wants one of those but he ain’t payin$4500
  15. coolchange

    Let's see you're lawn art

  16. coolchange

    Looking for a friend to drive pontoon on 4/10.

    No you won’t. Yore all talk. I double dog dare you. 😉 pics or it didn’t happen.
  17. coolchange

    What tool to use cut opening for Bow Light?

    Jeez really. How many posts before it actually gets cut. I used to love people watching me install bow or mooring covers. Do all my tic marks in light pencil. Owner or someone would see me start drilling and come over and comment about putting holes in a new boat. I’d say you just gotta go for...
  18. coolchange

    Quick Rant / Gripe Just for $hi+s & Giggles

    Neighbor said hewas having concrete done and would be in the parking street. He has a lot of cars as do I. Wanted to give me a heads up. I told him I’ve got a 10 pound box with 20 pounds of problems in it. Parking on a public street ain’t one of them.
  19. coolchange

    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    Sounded like you were going to rescue a kid from a shelter. You know, like a animal shelter. I crack me up but usually I’m the only one that gets it.
  20. coolchange

    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    Thank you as I understand that’s a kill shelter.