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  1. Rickybobby

    Bud Bailey (alive and well)

    After stalkin this guy for years, I recently scored his number and called him. The dude still has it going on and while it’s tough to recall the details from 63 years ago!!! He still has a ton of stories from back in the day. Might be a road trip in my future??
  2. Rickybobby

    Trophy Tops

    I came across a box of these recently and couldn't let them go. Not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but I have 38 Water Skier trophy tops (the hot rod tops are gone). I haven't decided on the boat tops yet either. My son suggested whisky bottle toppers ?? Make me an offer on the...
  3. Rickybobby

    1957 Campbell (project)

    Found another boat that I gotta have and this one has to go. Was saving it for a retirement project but no room for all of them. Two trailer to choose from (or take them both) Early 390 Caddy motor Transom redone Lots of spares if you want them See thread in the Campbell section for additional...
  4. Rickybobby

    2019 Campbell BO Spring Round Up

    2019 CAMPBELL SPRING ROUND-UP May 17th, 18th and 19th SCHEDULE OF EVENTS We’ve had some crazy cold weather in Havasu lately so it’s good to be talking about Spring! Some members were even reportedly looking into metal bow protectors to act as ice breakers. It should be noted that no 28...
  5. Rickybobby

    F250 Platinum

    https://www.sunrisefordfontana.com/inventory/New-2019-Ford-Super_Duty_F--250_SRW-Platinum-1FT7W2BT2KEE22499/ This looks pretty sweet. PM me please.
  6. Rickybobby

    Vintage wooden boat guys....

    Anyone have info on a "Skeetow" boat company from Burbank back in the day?? This boat might be looking for a new home. Owners are trying to determine a value (I believe).
  7. Rickybobby

    Clamp Tite Tool ?

    Anyone used one before? https://clamptitetools.com/ Just picked one up at the hot rod show.
  8. Rickybobby

    2019 Campbell Klambake

    Check out our next event.
  9. Rickybobby

    Great Victims!!!

    Don't be one!!! If you have stuff, that you think tweakers will like, you could be a victim, but you don't have to be a "great" one. Take 30 minutes and walk around with a digital camera or even your POS iPhone and take some pics of your stuff. When the cop asks you for a list of the stuff...
  10. Rickybobby

    Ventura Turkey Nite Grand Prix

    I know this is a boating site but most of you guys are "motor heads" at heart and since boating season is mostly over, I thought you might enjoy some good ol fashioned motor head stuff!!! This is the second or third season the TNGP has been held at Ventura Raceway. Went last year and had a...
  11. Rickybobby

    Bird Watching

    Did a little bird watching today with the boys. Place looks like a frickin Quail oasis but nuthin moving!!!! WTH??? I let the boys walk up the draw a little and I sat down on a rock just to take in the scenery and to contemplate fixing Global Warming, when I spots a little bugger running from...
  12. Rickybobby

    Panama Canal Cruise

    No where near the balls Stoker has to do this on my own, but soon I'll be on NCL for a 14 day trip from San Diego to Tampa via the Canal. Gave up some lake days and saved some $$$ to do this bucket list item and to celebrate the wife's retirement from her job of 37 years!!!! Not completely...
  13. Rickybobby

    Prop Shaft Log Leak???

    I have a pretty good leak on my prop shaft log and it looks like the log is mounted to the hull by threading into the fiberglass hull and bolting it down from the top. I have differing opinions as to how to fix it correctly. Fix #1 Through bolt it from the bottom using counter sunk screws...
  14. Rickybobby

    Stevens adventure!!!

    Redding to Socal !!! Let’s do this
  15. Rickybobby

    Fire on the Mountain

    While some guys were discussing banging their buddy's wife.... I went to this at Lake Ming Got there a bit late but still got to hang out with some legends of West Coast Drag Boat Racing and see some bitchin hardware. [/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
  16. Rickybobby

    Beach (Boat) Towels??

    Anyone doing them anymore ??? There used to be a "guy" around here but it sounds like he has moved on to other things??? Looking for a solid color to have them embroidered. Bought some off amazon but not thick enough...:(:(
  17. Rickybobby

    46th Campbell Regatta

    See the attached registration form for the regatta. If you want to be on the mailing list, PM me your email and I will make it happen. rb
  18. Rickybobby

    (not) Father's Day LA Roadster Show

    Couple of pics from the show. Lots of complaints about the light crowd but Jr. and I loved it without the heavy traffic. Lots to look at this year besides 32's but this one really caught my eye. Even ran into a couple of super cool inmates!!!
  19. Rickybobby

    Aging Parents ??

    On going discussion in the house as what to with our parents, both 80+?? Curious what the inmates think?? Background My folks live about 2 hours away. Step dad is on dialysis 4 times a week. He shouldn't be driving but insists on taking himself to his treatments:mad: (no shuttles in their...
  20. Rickybobby

    Candy Kid II

    It has taken several years but I finally made contact with the owner and former owner of this cool old boat. The storied life it has led and the family that owned and saved it, will be incredible reading when I get the chance to put pen to paper. Stand by. For now, here are a couple of shots...