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  1. bocco

    CP Performance Plan ahead.

    Last Thursday (3-11) I ordered a Livorsi fuel sending unit from CP Performance hoping to install it this weekend. According to Google maps they are 100 miles north of me. I paid to upgrade the shipping. How long can it take? So first they wait until Monday to ship and it's shipped out of...
  2. bocco

    RAM truck hook up?

    Is there a RAM truck goto guy on RDP?
  3. bocco

    Boat parking canopies.

    I park my boat under a 12 x 30 foot canopy. Basic tube frame with tarp cover. The tarps are good for about 3 or 4 years. Problem is, I no longer remember who I originally ordered it from. I can buy new tarps from an outfit called Shelter Logic but they fit a little loose so they sag and some...
  4. bocco

    small form factor woofer.

    My boat came with a couple of bazooka tube woofers mounted on each side vertically under my closed bow. I can't get any mounting hardware that will hold these big things in place. A rough day on the water breaks them loose. I don't have room for 9 or 10 inch woofers anyplace. Are smaller ones...
  5. bocco


    So we were headed to Truckee for Xmas the wife and I and two daughters. The younger daughter made the reservations and paid in advance. I was going to reimburse her. The owner uses a property management company. VRBO evidently paid the money to the management company. Well the owner contacted my...
  6. bocco

    Dumping the distributor.

    Has anybody upgraded a motor from Mercruiser ignition to coil on plug or coil near plug. Is it worth the money. How does it play with shift assist?
  7. bocco

    HVAC gurus. Opinion on price quote.

    So I live in a 1750 sq ft 4 bedroom ranch style home in Livermore. I've been pushing my luck on a 30 year old heat and AC system. It's time to bite the bullet and get a new system. Check out the attached quote. That will be reduced by $900 but it seems kind of high to me. This is my first...
  8. bocco

    Tracking device?

    The stolen HTM thread got me thinking. Who has a tracking device in their boat or cars?
  9. bocco

    Boat carpet shampooer

    Looking for something to clean my boat carpet. I have big one for the house but I need something small enough to use inside the boat. Recommendations?
  10. bocco

    The first Lady tonight.

    I thought she did a fine speech. It looked like she left our president speechless.
  11. bocco

    Torque Detail Products.

    Has anybody used their products? https://www.torquedetail.com/
  12. bocco

    Extra weight in boat effecting speed.

    I had no idea how much extra weight would slow my boat down. Normally it's just me, the wife and the small dog. I run about 77mph at 4800rpms with 28 signature prop. We went to take three guys for a ride. I think two of the guys were in the 275 lb range and a skinny teenager that maybe 150. The...
  13. bocco

    Transom mount water pick up.

    My boat is a 97 DCB 24 extreme. I think it was built with a fairly high X dimension so a nose cone with low water pickup was added. It is great for sucking up everything that grows and getting clogged right at the intake. Got to wondering about using a transom mount water pickup and just...
  14. bocco

    Sea Deck opinions.

    I'm looking at putting Sea Deck on the swim step of my 1997 DCB Extreme. It has two recessed areas with slotted plates and rubber strips. I'm looking for opinions on how to fill the recessed areas after I remove the plates. One thought was to see if can get vinyl sheets of the correct thickness...
  15. bocco

    Well, are you still shaving?

    Since I'm working from home and I'm barely leaving the house I haven't shaved since last Saturday. Lot's of grey in that beard.
  16. bocco

    WPM hydralic steering ram rebuild.

    My 1997 DCB Extreme has Warloc Performance Marine external hydraulic steering. The seal on the ram is leaking a little. Does anybody know if a rebuild kit is still available? Looks like it should be a pretty easy job to rebuild.
  17. bocco

    Monday morning in the stock market.

    Friday was a pretty good drop. Tomorrow is not looking to good either. I'm wondering it's getting close to sell and sit on cash time? Or at least put in stop losses. Opinions?
  18. bocco

    Machining the flare off of prop hub.

    I was reading an article on the Mercury racing blog about the prop hub (barrel) length and the flare and the effect on planing. I know there was a thread a while back where Dave machined off the flare on a prop but I can't find it. I was curious what the result was.
  19. bocco

    Car registration question.

    I just noticed recently that the pink slip for the wife's car still has the name of the lien holder on it. It was paid off years ago and it has the signature and date releasing interest. I guess when it came in the mail I just tucked into the file cabinet and forgot about it? Do I need a trip to...
  20. bocco

    NorCal Upholstery work

    Any recommendations for upholstery work in the Bay area preferably but any where in Nor Cal. I just need some seat bottoms recovered. The guy I liked in Dublin retired and closed. The guy in Pleasanton was to proud of his work for my wallet.